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The TransformIT Model for Healthcare breaks IT infrastructure into easily identified layers. This allows executives to easily determine costs and implementation time frames while permitting IT technical staff to more properly analyze the ramifications of selecting hardware and software based on its upstream and downstream effects on the network. The result is a break-down of traditional employee silos, greater operational efficiency, millions of dollars in cost savings, and effortless disaster recovery.

The Case For Cloud discusses the technology, costs, and business implications of developing an IT department’s most important strategy. But leveraging all that the cloud has to offer does not begin and end there. Find out how a well-thought out cloud strategy also breaks down personnel silos and creates a new and exciting work environment.

Monetizing Healthcare IT takes an in depth look at the process for creating a for-profit joint venture or “New-Co” that can turn an IT department from a cost center into a strategic asset. This white paper gives you a blueprint for reducing overhead and creating an MSP to service the hundreds of medical practices, clinics, and non-profits that already interact with a health system every day.

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