VertitechIT CMO Puts Data Analytics and the National Pastime in the Spotlight



Dr. Neil Kudler, VertitechIT’s Chief Medical Officer and resident big data guru, is a huge baseball fan (OK, he roots for the Mets so he’s more of a huge baseball team masochist!). It was only a matter of time before Neil made the connection between the use of data analytics in baseball (i.e. “Moneyball) and how big data is and isn’t being used effectively in healthcare.

“Baseball and healthcare have some things in common,” says Dr. Kudler, who previously served as Chief Medical Officer for Baystate Health in western Massachusetts. “For many years, both often operated on an established set of rules and handed-down wisdom — sometimes even going on hunches and gut feelings — until some folks started asking whether it might be worth rethinking some basic tenets, making better use of available data to do things more effectively and efficiently.” Neil says that population health management has to be an evidence-based team sport as well.

He’ll discuss his views with the editors of Healthcare Analytics News as they launch a new podcast on April 6th. Hosted by editorial team members Tom Castles and Jack Murtha, “Data Book”  will shed light on the latest developments and arising issues in the healthcare technology industry.

“Our publication is already a prime destination for technology in medicine news,” said Steve Ennen, chief digital strategy officer of MJH Associates Inc., parent company of Healthcare Analytics News™. “This enlightening and entertaining podcast is an extension of our publication that delves further into the published stories and engages in open conversations with industry leaders.”

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