Going Vertical

Taking Healthcare and Enterprise IT
to Infinity and Beyond


We Hate the Term Healthcare IT Consultant

We’re bridge-builders, even the though the title “consultant” suggests an outsider, a person or group of people paid to tell you what you’re doing wrong. Many consultants swoop in, conduct their analysis, file their report, make their recommendations, and make you dependent on them for implementation.

Our definition shifts the paradigm. We firmly believe that our expertise should be integrated into our client’s culture. We’ll take the lead but ultimately, it’s our job to write the roadmap and allow our clients to own it.

We’ve built and run telecommunications companies, managed IT for businesses and hospitals, and architected change to internal and external audiences on behalf of some of the biggest organizations on the planet. We utilize that experience to bridge the gap between technology and patient care. Engage us to formulate high level strategy or tactically implement a strategic imperative. We’ll assist in formulating your next generation platform to support a new EHR, design and implement a hyper-converged architecture, virtualize a network, conduct a HIPAA compliance audit, or establish a data governance model. VertitechIT is certified by HIMSS Analytics as one the world’s leading Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM) consultants. Yes, we’re healthcare IT consultants. No, we’re not typical.

“Successful joint ventures are dependent on joining forces with proven, dynamic, and entrepreneurial businesses.”

— Large Health System CTO


IT Consulting to Further a Competitive Advantage

If you’re not looking at enterprise IT as a business differentiator, you’re looking in the wrong direction.

True IT leadership is about looking at infrastructure by way of strategic vision, growth plans, funding and personnel resources. Technology decisions must support short, and long-term goals.  Our enterprise IT consulting approach results in condensed project time frames, lower costs, and clearly defined “cut-overs” to client staff for continuing operations.

CIOs and CTOs consistently wrestle with return on investment (ROI) and economic IT budget pressures dictated by rising costs and increased competition.  Industry buzzwords like big data, data analytics and the all-encompassing catch-phrase digital transformation, are adding to the “do more with less” enterprise IT burden.

VertitechIT employs cutting edge software tools to discover, evaluate, and analyze workloads to assess digital strategies and determine technology solutions that drive maximum benefit from a financial and capabilities perspective.

“Too many IT firms have their heads buried in bits and bytes and they forget that we’re in business to make money.”

— Private Equity Investment Manager