It Has to Start Somewhere…


Phase 1 of VertitechIT’s proprietary digital transformation process utilizes the Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM) established by HIMSS Analytics. As a globally Certified Consultant, VertitechIT works with health systems to produce a Baseline Achievement Report that measures progress against five focus areas (Mobility, Security, Collaboration, Transport and Data Center).

A subsequent Gap Assessment report is produced and analyzed, with ValidateIT culminating in an onsite executive workshop bench-marking the organization against industry averages, establishing specific themes and priorities, and formulating Phase 2 next steps.

ValidateIT will:

  • Establish an organization’s reasons and/or scope for completing the INFRAM
  • Work with subject matter experts to appropriately answer the INFRAM questions
  • Review the HIMSS Analytics gap assessment report
  • Identify areas of opportunity based on the report and organizational strategic goals
  • Allow IT leadership to bench-mark against industry best practices and establish themes and priorities for subsequent digital transformation initiatives