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TransformIT ™

Phase 3 TransformIT provides structure for implementation of the roadmap developed in phase 2.  It codifies the transformation of IT infrastructure from beginning to end and lays out a step-by-step path to change through the structure of an Office of the CTO, bringing internal IT leadership together with hand-picked former CIOs, CTOs, business owners, and senior healthcare leaders.

Together, they implement current industry best practices to evaluate, diagnose, and transform the department into a strategic asset. The TransformIT process empowers senior staff with the tactical IT business skills and knowledge they need to manage a 21st century IT operation.

The TransformIT process and the Office of the CTO provides for governance and leadership of the organization’s technology strategy and promotes the development of future IT leaders.

TransformIT in an “egg shell”

TransformIT is modeled after the layered approach of every leading cloud provider and MSP. Clients can now move laterally and implement any type of cloud infrastructure without forklift elements or unexpected expense.

TransformIT organizes a smaller, more focused list of hardware and software manufacturers who must adhere to the standards inherent in the steps before and after it. The three-year path to implementation lays out a schedule for purchases, for installation, and for adoption. Suppliers understand it, IT can budget for it, and the C-suite can count on it.

TransformIT literally transforms the IT department itself, breaking down long siloed walls, and allowing personnel resources to be deployed as needed to address strategic imperatives.