The Technology Model for
IT Transformation


It’s one thing to understand the process to transform an IT department.  But identifying the technology model for getting there can be unsettling. IT departments are struggling to find an approach that delivers additional services at lower costs. Whether in healthcare, business, government, or the non-profit sector, an economic, resilient, flexible IT infrastructure is essential to support every organization’s goals.

But IT departments have so many choices…

  • Adoption of an on premises private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud strategy has created confusion over data and application security, scalability, regulatory concerns, and capital versus operating budgets.
  • While it addresses the challenges of the present and near future, hyper-convergence has taken on different meanings for different manufacturers as each defines it in a way that highlights the strengths of their (often) proprietary solutions.
  • Long-established organizational silos for compute, network, storage, and other disciplines make even evaluating new technologies quite difficult.

Change is hard. Change is necessary. Understanding the long-term impact of change is daunting. VertitechIT is an agent for change and understanding of emerging technologies.

The TransformIT™ Approach

TransformIT™ illuminates the relationships between technologies in a vendor agnostic fashion and demonstrates why each new platform technology must have common, software-defined methodologies that guarantee inter-operation. Each layer in the TransformIT™ model for IT transformation follows the same sort of architecture inherent in the step before it.

TransformIT™ codifies the transformation of IT infrastructure from beginning to end, lays out a step-by-step path to change visible to all levels of an organization, and establishes technological discipline to govern all future IT decisions.

TransformIT™ in an “egg shell”

TransformIT™ is modeled after the layered approach of every leading cloud provider and MSP. Clients can now move laterally and implement any type of cloud infrastructure without forklift elements or unexpected expense.

TransformIT™organizes a smaller, more focused list of hardware and software manufacturers who must adhere to the standards inherent in the steps before and after it. The three-year path to implementation lays out a schedule for purchases, for installation, and for adoption. Suppliers understand it, IT can budget for it, and the C-suite can count on it.

TransformIT™ literally transforms the IT department itself, breaking down long siloed walls, and allowing personnel resources to be deployed as needed to address strategic imperatives.