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Writing the Book on Healthcare IT


You don’t become a healthcare IT industry influencer simply by having access to a large audience. You create access to a large audience by having something to say that resonates with that audience. An influencer has the authority, knowledge, position, or relationship to influence the decisions of desktop technicians and CIOs alike.

So it’s with that in mind, that we scoured the web to select those we feel have the authenticity and reach to affect change in the HIT world. Here now, our list of the top social media influencers in healthcare IT today.

Dr. Andrew Watson

Dr. Andrew Watson maintains an active Twitter feed to advocate for improving patient outcomes via properly implementation of healthcare technology. As a practicing surgeon, Dr. Watson provides first hand knowledge and perspective in applying emerging technology in patient-centered medicine.


Barbara W. Casey

Barbara Casey: As the global healthcare leader for Cisco, Barbara has helped shape the worldwide healthcare strategy for this Fortune 50 technology giant. Casey has been an industry strategist and business advisor for more than three decades and is a frequent blogger and media interview subject, and was a major force in helping HIMSS Analytics to establish its Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM).


Brian Ahier

Brian Ahier is a well-known thought leader in the digital health world. He has amassed over 50,000 followers as he focuses on health data exchange and the use of analytics to support value based care delivery and payment models. A true Health IT expert, Ahier maintains an active Twitter feed that lets industry professionals into his thought process.


Christina Farr

Christina Farr is the main technology and health report at CNBC.com. As a new age journalists, Farr actively leverages social media and Twitter to cover the convergence of healthcare and technology. One of the leading journalists covering the HIT industry, Farr certainly shows some influence over the minds of industry professionals.


Christine Jacob

A digital strategist and founder of Digi-Bridges, Christine Jacob aims to help healthcare customers adopt new strategies to connect with desired audiences. Jacob and Digi-Bridges leverage the power of Twitter to share conversations about health IT and technology.


Dr. Christopher Longhurst

Dr. Christopher Longhurst does it all at the University of California San Diego. As CIO, Associate CMO, practicing pediatrician and professor, Dr. Longhurst frequently shares stories about physicians with healthcare IT roles. He takes the pulpit to influence decision makers about healthcare technologies, patient data security and public health issues.


Colin Hung

Colin Hung is the other half of the HCLDR team and CMO of Healthcare Scene and active member of Hacking Health. Through all his ambitious efforts, Hung is an active leader and influencer in the efforts to improve the healthcare space through collaboration and innovation.


Dr. Daniel Kraft

Dr. Daniel Kraft founded Exponential Medicine to advocate for innovations that aim to revolutionize healthcare. As a trained physician-scientist and armed with over 25 years of experience in clinical practice and healthcare innovation, Dr. Kraft pulls from his vast knowledge in talks and nationally published articles.


Dan Kendall

As founder and managing editor of Digital Health Today, Dan Kendall influences the healthcare IT field via his podcast that explores the common health problems impacting communities around the world. He leverages his experience to help HIT professionals share their stories and connect to offer solutions for the global community.


Danielle Siarri

Danielle Siarri established InnoNurse in 2015 as a news and knowledge platform focused on the health technology industry. As the brains behind this insightful and influential site, Siarri maintains a large and significant reputation in the space as has contributed to HIMSS, Meditech, Microsoft Intel in Health Nurse and more.


Dave deBronkart

Known as ePatient Dave because of his engagement in the healthcare space after surviving cancer, Dave deBronkart, influences industry professionals by advocating for patients. Additionally, by maintaining an active Twitter feed, deBronkart continues to advocate for patients and leverages his influence by sharing these findings with professionals.


David Chou

As the CIO for Luye Medical Group, David Chou acts as one of the most influential people in the healthcare space. In addition to maintaining an active blog and Twitter feed to share his thoughts, Chou advises many technology and health systems on their technology investments and speaks at many industry conferences discussing how technology is transforming business models.


Denise Silber

Denise Silber pioneered advancements in digital health and patient engagement through her work founding and running Basil Strategies. As someone driven by her passion to improve healthcare through digital innovation, Silber helps connect various stakeholders through holding digital health events around the world.


Dr. Farzad Mostashari

Dr. Farzad Mostashari influences the healthcare space as founder and CEO of Aledade, which supports hundreds of practices to provide affordable, high-quality care. Additionally, as former National Coordinator for Health IT at the HSS, along with a Brookings Institute expert, Dr. Mostashari leverages his unique experience to share his thoughts on the company blog and over an active Twitter feed.


Dr. Geeta Nayyar

As Chief Medical Officer of Greenway Health, Dr. Geeta Nayyar is a nationally recognized healthcare information technology leader and influencer by offering a physician’s perspective to real world solutions. Dr. Nayyar was named as one of the “Top 26 Smartest People in Health IT” by Becker’s Hospital Review and many more accolades.


Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn works as a health economist and believes a person’s most valuable asset is their health. Sarasohn-Kahn emerged as an influencer by advising on strategy, scenario planning, policy reform and environmental analysis for a variety of stakeholders. Plus, by maintaining an active Twitter feed, she expands the number of stakeholders that gain insights into the thinking.


Joe Babaian

Joe Babaian is one half of the team behind the Healthcare Leadership Blog (HCLDR), which is more than a blog. As co-editor of HCLDR, Babaian created a vibrant online community of passionate individuals that want to improve the healthcare space.


John Lynn

John Lynn founded HealthcareScene.com and continues to serve as editor to one of the largest health tech sites around. The site now consists of over 15 different blogs covering the vast healthcare space, which makes Lynn one of the most influential people around. Fortunately, as an active member on Twitter, everyone has the opportunity to hear his thoughts and analysis.


John Nosta

John Nosta created NOSTALAB, which is a digital health think tank. As a natural thinker and contrarian, Nosta is proud to acknowledge he is unwilling to accept the status quo, which helped establish his reputation as an advocate in the field. Add his academic experience and ability to efficiently communicate difficult medical concepts to plain angle, Nosta quickly emerged as an influential voice.


Joseph Kvedar, MD

Joseph Kvedar, MD wears many hats in the healthcare IT space as professor at Harvard Medical School, VP of Connected Health at Partners Healthcare, accomplished author and more. Kvedar remains focused on driving telehealth adoption and actively contributes to leading publications, such as the cHealth Blog.


Dr. Kevin Pho

Dr. Kevin Pho founded KevinMD.com in 2004, which has blossomed into one of the leading spaces where physicians, practitioners, nurses, med students and patients meet to share their insights into the healthcare space. Dr. Pho maintains an active Twitter feed that helps his claim as social media’s leading physician voice.


Leah Binder

As president and CEO of The Leapfrog Group, Leah Binder regularly contributes to Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and other leading publications, along with being named as one of the 50 Most Powerful People in Healthcare by Becker’s Hospital Review.


Lisa Suennen

Lisa Suennen hosts the Tech Tonics podcast and actively blogs at Venture Valkyrie to share information at the intersection of health and technology. She views her role in the field as partnering with exceptional leaders that thrive in a transforming world and as an active investor in the space she exerts influence with her thoughts and investments.


Mandi Bishop

Mandi Bishop is a leading healthcare analyst that exerts influence over the field based on her many accomplishments and awards. In addition to winning a Gartner Analyst award in CIO Research, she was also recognized as one of the Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT and a Top 100 HealthTech Influencer.


Matthew Holt

Thru The Health Care Blog and SMACK.Health, Matthew Holt continuously influences the world of healthcare technology. Holt also runs the Health 2.0 Conference, which is one of the largest and most influential conferences aimed at health technologies.


Mike Biselli

A former All Pac-10 Kicker, Mike Biselli is no stranger to a big stage. Following his football career, Biselli entered the healthcare space and ultimately founded multiple companies aimed at empowering leaders to positively shape the future of healthcare.


Dr. Nick Van Terheyden

Nick Van Terheyden, MD aka “Dr. Nick” brings his deep clinical experience and unique understanding of healthcare systems to identify, design and launch products that impact the complex healthcare world. Dr. Nick blends his medical knowledge with business acumen to offer interesting healthcare technology keynotes and insights.


Scott Becker

Scott Becker founded (and continues to publish) Beckers Healthcare and Beckers Hospital Review, along with hosting many related events and publications. In particular, Beckers Hospital Review strives to improve healthcare by equipping decision-makers by working as a trusted partner to the field to help allow people to make informed decisions.


Shadid Shah

Shahid Shah brings over 30 years of experience to the Health IT space. He holds over 25 patents, founded 5 companies and spoke at over 125 events in his illustrious career. Plus, as one of the founders of the Healthcare IT Guys, he runs an active blog to share his thoughts and influence the minds of many HIT professionals.


Dr. Shafiq Rab

Dr. Shafiq Rab, the CIO of Rush University Medical Center, is a visionary health care leader that acts as a catalyst for the transformation of healthcare delivery. Named as one of Becker’s Hospital Review’s 100 Hospital CIOs To Know, Dr. Rab has a proven track record in directing and managing rapidly growing healthcare organizations.


Sherry Reynolds

Sherry Reynolds is a nationally recognized eHealth strategy expert and she shares her passion, thoughts and influence via her daily eHealth Leaders News. As an industry insider with over 20 years of experience in health informatics and business and organizational development, Reynolds offers expert analysis.


Stephen Krupa

Stephen Krupa influences the healthcare technology space in multiple capacities. First, as CEO of HealthEdge, a software company focused on providing technology products to the healthcare payor market. Second, Stephen hosts the Breaking Health podcast, which offers listeners the opportunity to hear an accomplished investor discuss the next wave of healthcare companies. Finally, Stephen and his team host the Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit that gathers the leading innovators, investors, payers, providers and policymakers leading the digital health revolution.


Sue Schade

As a principal at StarBridge Advisors, LLC and noteworthy blogger, Sue Schade is nationally recognized as a health IT leader and influencer. Sue remains active in CHIME and HIMSS and was named CHIME-HIMSS John E. Gall, Jr. CIO of the Year in 2014, so she has the credentials to back up her thoughts.


Susannah Fox

Susannah Fox served as the Chief Technology Officer at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HSS) from 2015 to 2017, which provided an influential platform for her to share her belief in harnessing the power of data and technology to improve the overall health of the nation. Following her CTO role, she now helps organizations navigate the health and technology space.


Tom Salemi

Tom Salemi exerts his influence over the HIT space via the Medtech Talk podcast and conference. As a former venture capitalist in the medtech space, Tom brings his experience as an investor (and journalist) to his podcast featuring HIT innovators and business leaders.

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