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If you’re like me, you’re about ready to throw something through the television set every time you see the words “Breaking News” flash across the screen. Our 24-hour news cycle has made those words a cliché and it’s getting hard to separate what is truly breaking news, from the latest tidbit of gossip coming across the wire.

Fortunately, our merry band of healthcare IT researchers has scoured the web and come up with this list; the definitive aggregators of industry news, headline-making accomplishments, and “news you can use.” Tap into the pulse of the industry with our 2018 Top Digital News Sources for Healthcare IT.

Healthcare IT News (@HealthITNews)

Healthcare IT News, published by HIMSS Media, is the most-comprehensive news source for topics related to healthcare IT. Typical subjects include electronic health records (EHR), health information exchanges, privacy and security, data analytics, patient engagement, population health, and healthcare system revenue cycle management. Sign-up for the Healthcare IT News Daily Brief email newsletter, or their newsletters devoted to Government and Policy, Privacy and Security, Resource Library, and Women in Health IT.

Healthcare Analytics News (@HCANews)

Healthcare Analytics News bills itself as a “comprehensive resource for key healthcare decision-makers and physicians alike.” Reporting centers on developments in big data and analytics, but healthcare finance, interoperability, patient engagement, population health, privacy and security, telehealth, and value-based care are also featured. Additionally, the HCA News website features a Resources tab highlighting technology research from Healthcare Research Analytics (HRA), the market intelligence firm that publishes HCA News. HCA News offers a digital newsletter and a brand-new podcast called Data Book (Listen to the interview with our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Neil Kudler!).

Healthcare Informatics (@HCInformatics)


Healthcare Informatics is a hub for healthcare and IT professionals charting the development of technological advancements in patient care and hospital management, publishing breaking news and industry whitepapers. The publication is a rich resource for tracking developments in population health, healthcare analytics, and value-based care, and also features subsections targeting clinical practice, business management, IT and data security. Healthcare Informatics also offers digital newsletters on Clinical IT, Value-Based Care, Data Security, as well as newsletters tailored to the regional interests of metropolitan areas around the United States.

Modern Healthcare (@modrnhealthcr)

Modern Healthcare is the number-one publication read by healthcare executives—and with good reason. The publication (which also offers a number of email newsletters and educational events) covers in-depth news from across the healthcare industry, with the focus on provider-relevant content, insurance, government and regulation, finance, technology, transformation (“Where healthcare challenges find solutions”), patient safety and care quality, and the movement of prominent leaders in the industry. You may need to register to access some digital content.

Becker’s Hospital Review (@BeckersHR)

Becker’s Hospital Review is the consummate aggregator of breaking healthcare news. The number of sub-topics in their navigation bar is almost overwhelming. Under the Health IT & CIO section of the site, you’ll find options to filter news on technology-specific topics (artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data analytics and precision medicine, electronic health records and interoperability), as well as other topics including population health, telehealth, compensation, payer issues, facilities management, supply chain, and more. Becker’s Hospital Review offers a plethora of digital newsletters, including Becker’s HealthIT & CIO Report.

Health Data Management (@HDMmagazine)

Health Data Management is an information resource for “medical and IT professionals, executives and administrators who are leading the transformation now sweeping the healthcare industry.” Topics covered include healthcare system revenue cycles, accountable care models, electronic health records, population health, big data and analytics, cloud computing, cybersecurity, mobile applications, developments in radiology, and general business news in the healthcare industry. Of special interest are editorials contributed by industry leaders in the HIT Think section.

HIT Consultant (@hitconsultant)

HIT Consultant’s mission is to be a “leading source of healthcare technology news, analysis and insights for healthcare executives, physicians and providers.” The site prominently features op-eds and interviews with healthcare technology experts from healthcare and medical technology companies. Coverage includes EHR/EMR, meaningful use, patient engagement, population health management, mobile health, telehealth, wearables, and healthcare policy news. Additionally, the site is a great resource for the latest news in healthcare startups and venture capital.

Health IT Pulse (HITExchange)

Health IT Pulse is a blog by the writers and editorial staff of Search Health IT, a member of the Tech Target Network. Health IT Pulse “provides in depth coverage of core health technology areas and HIT landscape, including infrastructure, applications, enterprise management, electronic health records implementation, and HITECH and HIPAA compliance.” Blog content is free but some information posted on Search Health IT, may require registration to view.

Fierce Healthcare (@fiercehealthIT))

Fierce Healthcare brings news from across the healthcare sector, with topic pages devoted to hospitals and health systems, information technology, insurance, finance, practice management, and regulation. Each topic has its own free digital newsletter, or you can sign up to receive a daily rundown of all Fierce Healthcare news.

Xtelligent Media NetworkHealth IT Analytics (@hitanalytics), Health IT Security (@SecurityHIT), EHR Intelligence (@EHRIntel)

The Xtelligent Media Network’s goal is to produce original editorial content engaging the perspectives of subject-matter experts within the healthcare IT industry, sharing best-practices and news regarding “EHR adoption, HIT security and privacy, healthcare analytics, and revenue cycle management.” The Xtelligent Media Network operates a host of healthcare IT-minded websites, including Health IT Analytics, Health IT Security, EHR Intelligence, mHealth Intelligence, HIT Infrastructure, and more. The network also offers newsletters devoted to each of their healthcare news sites.

Politico (@morningehealth)

Looking for news primarily related to health technology policy and regulation? Politico’s eHealth edition has got you covered. You can sign-up for the Morning eHealth daily briefing delivered right to your inbox.

So there you have it. Visit, sign-up, or let us know your favorites and we’ll add them to the list. Email us at

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