The Top 7 Health Tech Podcasts


This is definitely not FAKE NEWS. In fact, our annual list of the best podcasts covering healthcare technology is a review of what we feel offer the most valuable insights into industry trends, security, regulatory changes, and expert analysis of our little corner of the IT world.

Reading journals and searching the web is not easy (and ill-advised) when you’re navigating the morning commute, working out at the gym, or packing the kids off for that drive to grandma’s house.  So pop in your earbuds and give a listen.  There’s something on this list for everyone.

  1. Medtech Talk

Medtech TalkMedtech Talk presents interviews with people and organizations that help shape technology and innovations in the healthcare world. Past episodes include interviews with GE’s Anders World, Nuvaira’s Dennis Wahr, and Ascension Ventures’ Matt Hermann. The podcast also touches on technologies that are poised to make an impact in health care, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics, as well as several startups such as Fractyl Laboratories. Medtech Talk is hosted by Tom Salemi, a former bureau chief at Elsevier Business Intelligence, where he covered venture capital investments in the medical technology sector.

Instead of the number of successful IPOs, the dollars raised, and the companies that are sold or merged, Medtech Talk aims to shift the focus back to the people, the investors, the entrepreneurs, and the executives who have spent their lives helping the sick get better.

This podcast is perfect for

  • those who are interested in medtech;
  • those who are in business or planning to start one and would like to learn strategies, such as how to obtain funding, from leading entrepreneurs; and
  • those who want to stay up-to-date on the latest industry technologies.

A weekly show that started in March 2015, Medtech Talk is produced by events and multimedia production company Healthegy.

  1. Risky Business

Risky BusinessA favorite among VertitechIT’s in-house IT and health tech experts, Risky Business released its first episode in February 2007, and they are on their way to their 500th podcast this year. Each episode gets up to 20,000 downloads, with 82% of all listeners listening weekly.

Risky Business is not just for healthcare organizations, but takes on a broader technology approach. These podcasts last for around an hour and are filled with information and tidbits from leading information security professionals. Listeners get a digest of the latest news all you need to know.

Who listens to Risky Business? It’s no surprise that VertitechIT’s industry-leading experts are big fans and a third of all listeners are C-suite executives, security architects, security managers, and IT professionals. This podcast is perfect for engineers, analysts, system administrators, and developers as well.

  1. Code Red: HIMSS’ Cybersecurity Podcast

Code RedA relatively new podcast that launched in August 2016, Code Red: HIMSS’ Cybersecurity Podcast looks at the challenges faced by cybersecurity professionals in the healthcare industry, as well as potential issues and new technologies that are employed to help healthcare IT become more secure.

The Code Red: HIMSS’ Cybersecurity Podcast puts the spotlight on the cybersecurity professionals working in the healthcare industry, the processes they use to make sure that patient data and organization assets are secure, as well as the upcoming technologies with the potential to impact cybersecurity. This podcast introduces listeners to IT security leaders and offers tips, advice, and strategies to help you stay up-to-date on the skills and know-how today’s cybersecurity and health IT professionals require.

One episode talked about the skills needed to become a successful chief information security officer, while another discussed security concerns for IOT medical devices. You’ll hear from experts like National Institute of Standards and Technology cybersecurity framework program manager Matthew Barrett, Boston Children’s Hospital CIO Daniel Nigrin, and MITRE Corporation executive Catherine M. Petrozzino. Produced by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, Code Red: HIMSS’ Cybersecurity Podcast releases ten to twelve (10-25 minute) episodes every year, making them a quick listen during a morning commute.

  1. Healthcare Tech Talk

Healthcare Tech TalkHealthcare Tech Talk debuted in 2014 and is a great source of up-to-date information on the challenges we all face in the healthcare technology space. Host Terrence Baker is the information systems manager at Indiana University Health and brings with him decades of experience in clinical engineering and information systems. Kelly Hill is a nurse working in palliative and emergency care.

Healthcare Tech Talk episodes focus on introducing listeners to a specific healthcare, IT, or medtech concept.  A recent episode featured PwC’s global sales, marketing, and customer experience practice leader, Paul D’Alessandro, discussing big data and how it can be used to provide better healthcare services. Ransomware took center stage a few weeks later with Proficio’s Brad Taylor and STEALTHbits Technologies’ senior vice president, Adam Laub. Proficio is a managed security services provider while STEALTHbits is a cybersecurity software firm. On a lighter note, Health Tech Talk discussed the topic of  engaging patients through social media, featuring nationally recognized consumer engagement expert Jan Oldenburg.

  1. Health IT Podcasts

HiMSS Health IT PodcastsAside from Code Red, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society also produces a variety of podcasts that are geared towards different audiences. These include:

  • Executive eMentor: Executive eMentor is a valuable podcast for anyone wanting career insights. The podcast aims to inspire people by telling career-related stories of some of the biggest names in a wide variety of industries. It also provides advice for different career-related problems as well as discussion on the skills and know-how needed for success.
  • Nurse eMentor: Get valuable career advice from top nurse informaticists with the Nurse eMentor.
  • Medical Practice Journeys to Meaningful Use: Learn more about the best practices for ambulatory medical practice by tuning in to Medical Practice Journeys to Meaningful Use.
  • Patient Engagement: The Patient Engagement podcast offers insights for healthcare professionals on how to connect with patients on online forums, social media, and other online properties.
  • Physician Community: Physician Community features interviews with doctors who are working in the healthcare IT industry.
  • Physician Virtual Brown Bag Lunch: The Physician Virtual Brown Bag Lunch podcast gives listeners the opportunity to discover healthcare IT concepts, technologies, and topics in less than an hour.

There are also podcasts that will keep you up to date with administrative and regulatory tasks. The HIE inPractice Podcast, looks into the intricacies of health information exchanges, while the Interoperability & Standards Podcast brings you up to date on interoperability requirements and health information exchange standards. The ICD-10 Provider Podcast, another HIMSS podcast offering, aims to help listeners who are tasked with managing ICD-10 implementation and transition.

HIMSS also offers healthcare IT podcasts that are broader in scope, such as the Health IT in Action Podcast, which updates listeners on the best use cases for technology in order to improve healthcare services and the health of patients.

  1. Packet Pushers

Packet PushersAnother VertitechIT expert-endorsed podcast, Packet Pushers talks about enterprise IT topics, bringing listeners up to date with the latest trends, technology, and products.

Packet Pushers is hosted by a panel of five IT experts and practitioners and topics span several sectors including enterprise networking and security, data center networking, and infrastructure engineering.

About 15 million episodes of the Packet Pushers podcasts have been downloaded since they first started in 2010, and up to 20,000 people download each episode.

  1. The Digital Health Today Podcast

Digital Health TodayThe Digital Health Today Podcast is for those looking to learn more about innovations and technologies that pave the way for healthcare solutions.. The podcast features interviews with people who advance, design, develop, apply, and fund innovative solutions and listeners gain valuable insights from experts in a variety of digital health fields. Self described innovator, technology guru, and entrepreneur Dan Kendall is your host, bringing with him more than two decades of experience in designing technology products.

Digital Health Today covers a broad range of topics including:

  • Digital health
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Behavioral science and psychology
  • Collaboration
  • Data analytics
  • Deep learning
  • Funding and finance
  • Gene editing and bioengineering
  • Implantable technology
  • Mental health
  • mHhealth
  • Personalized care
  • Preventative care
  • Quantified self
  • Service automation
  • Startups and entrepreneurship
  • Telehealth and telemedicine
  • Wearable technology

So there you have it. Give a listen to these or let us know your favorites and we’ll add them to the list. Email us at

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