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Top 20 IT Podcasts of 2020


At this time each year, we make our list, check it twice, and wait for people to tell us if we were naughty, nice, or just plain crazy (any time you come up with something subjective, you’re bound to make some enemies!). Our annual list of the top IT podcasts for 2020 is now available for your reading (and listening) pleasure. We don’t rank or rate them but do guarantee that they’ll keep you in the know about IT industry trends, new products, and the latest regulatory updates, all while providing a chuckle or two along the way.

So break out your AirPods and give them a listen.



SearchCIO breaks down the larger IT industry between multiple podcasts that cover issues important to CIOs, such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, big data, infrastructure and more.

Some recent episodes that captured our attention.

The Daily Charge

The Daily Charge

CNET keeps IT professionals up-to-speed with what they need to know about tech, culture and science. Formerly known as The 3:59, The Daily Charge provides the days best tech news in under 10 minutes. Perfect for the commute or walk to the coffee shop!

A few recent shows that made us listen.


RunAs Radio

RunAs Radio focuses on IT professionals working with Microsoft technologies. Every week, the team offers a roughly 30 minute segment on a variety of IT topics that delve specifically into the Microsoft perspective.

A few interesting episodes.

The Cloudcast

The Cloudcast

Hosted by Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely, The Cloudcast offers a weekly take on the general cloud computing industry. Each episode features an interview with industry thought leaders exploring topics like Azure, AWS, SaaS and more.

Some recent noteworthy episodes.

A Geek Leader

A Geek Leader

Looking for a podcast to learn from tech leaders? This is the right podcast for you this year as host John Rouda talks to some of the greatest minds in IT today and shares practical tips and techniques to improve your skills.

Some of our favorite recent episodes.


This Week in Enterprise Tech

From the team behind the popular podcast This Week in Tech comes This Week in Enterprise Tech that explores trends in the enterprise space specifically for the IT pro. The show takes an unexpectedly flashy and lighthearted approach to discuss the impact of technology.

A few recent shows worth a listen.

Software Defined Tech

Software Defined Talk

Think it is difficult to create an enterprise IT podcast that keeps IT pros coming back each week? Software Defined Talk offers a fun introspective on all types of IT subjects, along with some non-podcast ways to stay informed. A great way to stay in the know and keep your resolution.

A couple of noteworthy  shows worth a listen.


The Hanselminutes Podcast

An easy way to maintain your resolution is The Hanselminutes Podcast, which focuses on the developer community. The show explores tech topics, culture and events in a digestible commute length program.

Some recent episodes to try on your next commute.

accidental tech podcast

Accidental Tech Podcast

What happens when you try to start a car podcast and mess up? The team behind the Accidental Tech podcast fall back on their professional experience in the tech world to chat about the space.

A couple recent shares to check out.

packet pushers

Packet Pushers

Packet Pushers is a podcast about networking and infrastructure engineering by IT architects for IT architects. The hosts unabashedly describe the show as a “nerdy swan dive into networking technology”. So, get your fix of networking discussions around real world issues and problems.

Recent episodes worth a listen.

Data Skeptic

Data Skeptic

This podcast is a great way for programmers to keep your resolution by learning about high level concepts in data science during your commute or a long walk around the office. Plus, a few long form interviews with industry experts for those traffic jams.

Some recent episodes to perk your ears up.

reply all_new

Reply all

Reply All proudly promotes their show as “A podcast about the internet” but that hardly describes the depth of the show. The hosts cover all things tech and business through the eyes of the internet. In about 40 minutes, the podcast provides a hilarious way to learn about the strangest tech stories.

Some noteworthy recent shows.

twiml and ai

This Week in Machine Learning and AI

For the machine learning and AI crowed, This Week in Machine Learning & AI offers a vast look at the caters to a highly-targeted audience of machine learning & AI enthusiasts. The show gathers the top minds in the ML & AI world and amplifies the voices in the community. A great way to stay up-to-speed!

A few of our personal favorites.


The Vergecast

Every week The Vergecast attempts to make sense of the recent tech news. The team interview tech leaders as well and offers a fun and in-depth look to determine what might happen next! A great listen that helps keep you informed all year long!

A couple of our favorite recent episodes.

tech talker

Tech Talker’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Navigate the Digital World

In this limited series, Tech Talker’s Quick and Dirty Tips offers everyone (including the IT professional) with the skills to make sense of the digital world. Need a quick recap on common topics? Then this is the show for you!

Some of our favorite episodes.

scale your code podcast

Scale Your Code

A technical and philosophical Q&A program about programming topics from scaling apps to building APIs, this podcast offers an incredible archive that helps all programmers avoid mistakes. Regardless of your expertise, the podcast shares some great insights to learn something new.

A few of our favorite shows.

floss weekly

FLOSS Weekly

Free Libre Open Source Software (or FLOSS) provides IT professionals with a weekly podcast that discusses all things open source. A great listen to stay abreast of the market and learn about new software or potentially upcoming groundbreaking ideas.

A few recent episodes worth a listen.

Three Devs and a maybe

Three Devs and a Maybe

A go-with-the-flow podcast that covers the nitty gritty of software development, this show covers everything from a dev’s life to PHP in a conversation between friends (and a more experienced guest). Check out this easy listen to stay abreast of the changes in the dev world.

A couple recent shows of interest.



For those looking to increase their understanding of tech on today’s modern culture, then Analog(ue) offers an interesting viewpoint into the tech world and its impact us (as humans).

A couple recent episodes worth a listen.

Tech news briefing

WSJ: Tech News Briefing

The Wall Street Journal provides a quick daily dose of tech news with this podcast. Tech News Briefing targets commuters with a short show that discusses all things tech and keep you honest with your resolution to remain in the know!

A few recent shows to check out on your commute.