Picture Archiving and
Communications System Consulting

PACS & Radiology

A Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) is a network of computers used by radiology departments to store and display digital images, seamlessly integrating with hospital Information Systems (HIS), Electronic Medical Records (EHR), and Radiology Information Systems (RIS).  Until it doesn’t.

PACS has transformed radiology and healthcare as we know it.  But as organizations expand their imaging capabilities, Meaningful Use and MACRA demand greater integration, IT and radiology leadership is faced with the daunting task of meeting the needs of multiple masters.  The VertitechIT PACSquad™ is a group of technologists, application developers, and clinical experts; a team of senior IT executives and clinical diagnostic imaging practitioners who can assist in formulating a PACS strategy and implementing cohesive and economical solutions.

Strategic Counsel

PACS Replacement and Vendor Selection.  Looking to swap your PACS? Our team has reviewed vendors and can help guide the conversation to ensure capabilities that allow your enterprise to expand their reach, enable providers to most effectively engage off premises, and ensure enterprise visibility to the images.

Vendor Neutral Archiving.  Augmenting your PACS with VNA functionality can make good business sense. Allow us to help build the ROI, explain the benefits at the infrastructure all the way up to the clinicians and senior staff.

Imaging Device Implementation and Networking.  How do you put non-standard devices like MRI machines on your enterprise network without exposing yourself to hackers?  The PACSquadSM team has built medical device networks, and helped to write the international standards on how to implement them.


Integration:  Our network team has integrated the applications and infrastructure of hundreds of health care facilities nationwide.  Our experts speak the language to work through enterprise network complexity to ensure high availability and rapid root cause analysis and resolution to outages. Stop playing telephone and the blame game, partner up with us until the issue is resolved!

Interoperability.  McKesson, Epic, Cerner, Seimens, GE, Fuji, Intelerad. We’ve worked and implemented with them at a variety of levels. Our subject matter experts look beyond the vendor and work to establish the most appropriate solution for your environment.

Disaster Recovery.  To the cloud? SAN Mirroring? Verify that you have a plan, and allow us to not only sniff test the viability, but also execute the plan to ensure your executives know that a full DR restore is a known time to recover and can have a predictable next step should the worst happen.


Acceptance Testing.  Any PACS installation process is not complete without passage of an acceptance test. User compliance, functionality, and clinical safety is dependent on it.  Our thorough process uncovers any deficiency in workstation operation, RIS, modality interfaces, the web-based image distribution system, and more.

Support.  24/7/365 – As a proven Managed Service Provider (MSP), VertitechIT has managed complex networks around the world and we bring that same level of support to PACSquad™ customers.

Training.  All of our training programs are provided under the guidance of PARCA certified administrators.