Our Values

To Label Us “IT Consultants”
Would be Like Calling a Laptop a Typewriter

VertitechIT Values

We are ever-evolving and hungry for understanding…forward thinking but backwards compatible. That stuff about “value-added partnerships” is B.S. and does nothing but imply short-term results.  Our focus is (and always will be) on long term impact and keeping clients for life.  Remember Vanilla Ice, Baha Men, and Right Said Fred?  Not many do.  One hit wonders are quickly forgotten.  We strive to be our client’s “greatest hits.”

We do amazing work. By combining the tried and true with the new and innovative, we implement the technologies and methodologies that make our clients better, more efficient, and more profitable. We exceed their expectations by shattering the usual barriers that arise between client and consultant. We eliminate in scope and out of scope arguments during the life of every contract by providing access to our entire staff for strategic advice on any topic, any time, no questions asked. Many of our competitors make their living on change orders; we don’t.  We think scope creep is a good thing as it makes for a better outcome and, more importantly, allows us to integrate ourselves comfortably into the fabric of our client’s organization over time.

Some tell us we’re crazy. We like that.

  • Wonder: Our world revolves around change.  If you’re not curious, you’re not changing.  If you’re not changing, you’re standing still.  Statues are for museums.
  • Vision: We think strategically first, tactically second.  It’s not about bits and bytes but how to use technology as a competitive advantage.
  • Customer Focus: We understand that solving problems comes from listening and not by preaching.
  • Positive Impact: We’re all about helping our clients (and our company) make more, save more, or become more efficient.
  • Innovation: Success is driven by innovative thinking and refusing to accept the “we’ve always done it that way” approach to problem solving.
  • Courage: We don’t come with problems, we offer solutions.  We’re never afraid to take a stand.
  • Passion: If you’re not passionate about what you do, you have to ask yourself why are you here?
  • Development: We develop people by giving them the chance to grow and develop themselves and undertake new responsibilities.
  • Honesty and Integrity: We treat clients the same way we treat each other. If you need a further explanation, you’re in the wrong place.