Pay Attention to Petya

Pay Attention to Petya

The IT world is reeling again as the latest blast of ransomware is sweeping the globe. “Petya” or “NotPetya” (there’s some disagreement) appears to be similar to the “WannaCry” worm we dealt with a couple of months ago but this, it appears, is more aggressive. According to, government-run IT networks in the Ukraine (including radiation monitors at the Chernobyl nuclear power facility) have been rendered inoperable, with other ransomware reports coming in from a variety of industries across Europe.  We know of at least one hospital here in the United States (Heritage Valley Health System in Beaver, Pennsylvania) reporting a major cyberattack. “NotPetya” has other ways of spreading in addition to the National Security Agency’s “EternalBlue” toolkit that we all patched against between March and May. Therefore patched systems could still be affected if this worm gets a foothold in an organization.

Here at VertitechIT, we treat every report like this with the utmost urgency, but Gerry Gosselin, our Vice President of Engineering has been monitoring the outbreak since it began and warns about an overreaction. “Little is known about Petya at this point however there’s a lot of reporting showing the worm is primarily affecting Ukraine. This is particularly unusual since the Internet does not follow country borders. This suggests that this worm has a specific target.”

In the event that the worm continues to spread aggressively, our response is no different than any other attack. Be prepared for such malware through those actions we’ve suggested in the past:

  1. Train users to be wary of email attachments
  2. Use email security services
  3. Use virus and malware scanners
  4. Diligently backup servers and store a copy offsite and off-domain
  5. Patch, patch, patch, patch frequently and in an automated fashion
  6. Decommission Windows server 2003

This ransomware asks users to email an address to receive the unlock key but that email address has reportedly been shut down so the ONLY method to recover is from backup. VertitechIT strongly believes that no one should ever pay a ransomware demand as there’s no guarantee you’d ever receive the key. We treat encrypted files as deleted files. The only recovery is from backup.

It’s early yet and research into this ransomware worm is still underway, but we believe the checklist above is the proper response for this and any malware attack yet to come.  Our advice is simple.

Patch on a regular schedule but most important of all, instruct all staff to be wary of email attachments.  When in doubt, revert to that old 20th century device called the telephone.  Call to verify that the attachment is safe to open.

As always, please contact us immediately if your organization falls victim to an attack and know that we are always here to answer any questions you may have.

Some "WannaCry" Words from our CEO

Some "WannaCry" Words from our CEO

On Friday May 12th a dangerous ransomware worm, nicknamed “WannaCry,” spread quickly through the Internet. It exploited a recently discovered vulnerability in Microsoft Windows and, despite the fact that Microsoft had issued patches to protect against it last March, many healthcare institutions, banks, government agencies, schools, and businesses around the world had unpatched systems that were affected.

What To Do Now

Since older operating systems like Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP were particularly vulnerable, Microsoft released patches specifically for those OS versions over the weekend. Here at VertitechIT, our team developed a Powershell script that scans domain-joined computers to ensure one of the many security patches against “WannaCry” exists on the system (and reports computers that are not patched). If you’d like, we’d be happy to assist your scanning efforts and share our script with you. Although the original ransomware worm was shut down by an independent security researcher, we anticipate copycat worms to follow. Therefore, validating Microsoft patch levels is our foremost concern.

The First Line of Defense is You

It has been suggested that the “WannaCry” worm, and potentially copycats of it, get into an institution through standard malware propagation techniques such as email phishing and infected attachments. Be very suspicious of any email that comes from outside your organization. Opening email attachments or clicking on links in emails are the number one way of bringing an attacker into your environment. Services such as email filtering, email link protection, and virus scanning, can help when an attack is already well known, but those technologies are often behind a fast-moving attacker.

Back It Up

Should a ransomware infection occur, backups are the most essential tool for recovery of data. Ransomware encrypts all files that the infected user has access to and then prompts for a ransom to unlock them. Paying the ransom, especially if it is inexpensive, may seem like an easier and faster recovery solution but there have been many documented cases of the attacker accepting funds and not releasing the key, or releasing the key and simply re-encrypting the data again if the firm is still vulnerable. At VertitechIT, we consider files encrypted by ransomware to be the same as deleted data and handle it the way we would any deleted file, restoring from backup. Since file backups are strategically important to recovering from ransomware, make every effort to ensure your backups are, secure, duplicated, and intact.

Helpful Links

The Internet is full of information related to “WannaCry” but we’ve found the following to be the most helpful and informative:

If you’re like the millions of people around the globe waking up this morning wondering if you or your organization might be next, the best we can say is, maybe. But if you’re just as aggressive and diligent, you could help us limit the damage and potentially  ward off the next cyber-attack wherever and whenever it might occur.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Mike Feld, CEO

VertitechIT and Cisco Team Up For Digital Integration

When Cisco Approached Us About Helping Them To Achieve Global Digital Transformation, We Got Out Our Crystal Ball.

We See A Very Bright Future.

VertitechIT is proud to have been selected as one of just 15 companies worldwide to join Cisco's new Digital Solutions Integrators program.  DSI members are an exclusive group of emerging technology advisors, helping to migrate clients from legacy infrastructures to an exciting digital future, shaping the IT networks of tomorrow with a focus on how that technology will affect people, process, and the profitability of the enterprise.

Our partnership benefits our clients by gaining exclusive access to emerging digital products and funding for proof of concept projects.  So if you're considering taking a look at IoT, hybrid cloud, or advanced analytics, allow us to be your guide.  Our crystal ball, is crystal clear. Contact us today.

Former VMware Executive Jonathan Butz Joins VertitechIT

Jonathan Butz

Jonathan Butz

HOLYOKE, MA March 6, 2017 — Having helped to shape the national healthcare platform strategy for one of the largest cloud and virtualization software companies on the planet, Jonathan Butz has joined Holyoke, Massachusetts-based healthcare consultancy VertitechIT as an Executive Project Officer (EPO).  Butz will lead engagements with large healthcare systems as the company continues to expand operations throughout the east coast and across the country.

As Healthcare Business Strategist for VMware, Inc., Butz was responsible for vision, messaging, and financial analysis for the company’s growth in the $40B vertical. “With the continued emphasis on optimization in all aspects of Healthcare, there is great opportunity to adopt new architectures that deliver greater capabilities at lower cost,” says Butz. “There’s also a continued need for new clinical applications that drive requirements for new platforms beneath them, many of which fall outside of traditional IT architectures.” Butz will report directly to VertitechIT CEO Michael Feld.

“Jonathan is recognized as a rising star in healthcare IT,” says Feld.  “Our job is to work side by side with CEOs and CIOs at these institutions at both the strategic and tactical level.  As an Executive Project Officer, Jonathan will help drive our approach to providing more technical services with less resources.”

Working at the executive level within a healthcare organization, EPOs oversee a collaborative Office of the CTO (oCTO), implementing VertitechIT’s proprietary Leverage IT© process. Working side by side with senior internal managers, the oCTO refines strategic directives and implements tactical solutions that make organizations more profitable and efficient.  

Residing in the Philadelphia area, Butz will manage major healthcare engagements throughout the mid-Atlantic region.


About VertitechIT:  VertitechIT is a healthcare-centric IT consulting firm and systems integrator headquartered in western Massachusetts with additional offices in Pennsylvania and Ohio.  The company builds and maintains sophisticated network storage and computing infrastructures for some of the world’s most prestigious healthcare institutions and select Fortune 1000 enterprise customers.  With specific expertise in hyper-convergence, desktop and server virtualization and private fiber networking, VertitechIT offers an array of managed IT, infrastructure design, and long term IT outsourcing support services.  For more information, please visit or contact Steve Shaw at 413-268-1630 or via email at

Helping Hospitals Make Money, Not Spend It

Helping Hospitals Make Money, Not Spend It

Baystate Health

The most recent survey by Moody's Investor Service shows that the average operating margin for a non-profit hospital is just 2.6%. Technology.... the hardware, software, and talented people needed to keep it running, are often among an institution's most costly expenditures. But what if there were a way for an IT department to actually generate revenue?

Hyper-convergence, using software defined networking methodology might be the key to it all. TechTarget takes a look at one VertitechIT client that's trying to make it happen.

HiMSS 2017. Putting the Focus on Healthcare IT.

hybrid cloud

When 45,000 attendees and 1,200 companies gather in one place for one week at one of the country’s largest convention centers to discuss the future of healthcare IT, figuring out what to see and who to talk to (not to mention what shoes to wear!), can be a daunting task. We’re packing our bags for the 2017 HiMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) conference in Orlando February 19th through Wednesday, February 22nd and thought we’d offer up our opinion on a few “can’t miss” presentations.

In reviewing the speaker and session lineups, it’s clear that IoT (the Internet of Things) and Hybrid Cloud will be taking center stage. It’s all about adopting new technologies while minimizing security risk, topics we’ve been intensely focused on for the last few months.  Security breaches cost the healthcare industry over $6B dollars a year so you can be sure that the exhibit hall will be filled with product offerings that put cybersecurity front and center.

As for presentations, put our top ten on your itinerary, then maybe add just one more.  VertitechIT CEO Mike Feld will be in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise booth (#1979) at 10:00AM EST on Tuesday, February 21st, discussing an exciting proof of concept project being conducted at Baystate Health in Springfield, Massachusetts. VertitechIT is teaming with HPE and Microsoft, in what we believe to be the first-ever test of Skype for Business as a possible replacement for a healthcare PBX system.

It promises to be an information-packed week featuring a variety of thought leaders and experts across the healthcare and technology sectors. Our team will be on-site to review all the new products on display in the exhibition hall so be sure to follow us on Twitter (@VertitechIT) and stay tuned for our roundup of the best new products revealed at this year’s HiMSS conference, coming in early March.

1. Keynote Speaker: Ginni M. Rometty, Chairman, President and CEO, IBM
When: February 20, 2017 — 08:30AM EST - 10:00AM EST
Where: Orange County Convention Center, Valencia Ballroom

You can’t attend HiMSS 2017 without hearing the powerful keynote presentation from Ginni M. Rometty, Chairman, President and CEO of IBM. Rometty first started her career at IBM in Detroit, Michigan in 1981, and she’ll bring her decades of experience in the industry to deliver a thought-provoking talk to kick off the week’s activities.

2. Removing Barriers from Migrating to the Hybrid Cloud
When: February 20, 2017 — 01:30PM EST - 02:30PM EST
Where: Orange County Convention Center, Room W204A

In this not-to-miss session, speakers Jan Bates, Systems Operations Director at UK HealthCare, Mark Seale, AVP – IT Operations at FirstCare Health Plans, and Katherine McCarthy, Senior Analyst for Forrester Research, offer insights on how providers can take advantage of the cloud’s capabilities without sacrificing security or patient care. The panelists will share their experiences and advice for providers on evaluating cloud technologies, models, and network options and detail which among them offer better inherent security and patient information protection.

3. Mitigating Cybersecurity Risk with Hyper-Segmentation
When: February 20, 2017 — 01:30PM EST - 02:30PM EST
Where: Orange County Convention Center, Tangerine Ballroom, F4

In light of the explosion of the IoT, security concerns are abundant, particularly in highly regulated industries like healthcare. In this informative session, speakers Eric Miller, MBA, CPHIMS, CISSP, Senior Director of IT for Ascension Information Services, and Paul Unbehagen, Chief Architect for Avaya, will share the importance of a standardized approach to risk management and how applying it to an IoT strategy can effectively reduce risks. Miller and Unbehagen will reveal how the primary foundation for an effective risk reduction strategy, hyper-segmentation, offers robust risk reduction and is easy to implement and manage.

4. The Next Frontier in Medical Device Security
When: February 21, 2017 — 08:30AM EST - 09:30AM EST
Where: Orange County Convention Center, Tangerine Ballroom, F4

Medical device technology has certainly improved the delivery of patient care, but it comes with a slew of new security risks. Speakers Denise Anderson, MBA, President of the NH-ISAC,  and Dale Nordenberg, MD, Co-Founder and Executive Director, MDISS, discuss the importance of vigilance for healthcare organizations, and how collaboration and trust are an important piece of this puzzle. Leading by example, Anderson and Nordenberg share a collaboration between their respective organizations and how other organizations are following suit.

5. How Cloud Drives Innovation and Digital Transformation
When: February 22, 2017 — 10:00AM EST - 11:00AM EST
Where: Orange County Convention Center, Room W307A

Randy Gaboriault, Chief Information Officer and SVP, Innovation and Strategic Development at Christiana Health Care System, shares how IT leaders need to adopt a competitive mindset and readily adapt to the needs of the business while simultaneously providing their organizations with the technology needed to keep pace with both market and patient demands. An important conversation about the changing role of IT leaders, this is a session we highly recommend sitting in on.

6. Benchmarking, IT Cost Controls, and Efficiencies
When: February 22, 2017 — 01:00PM EST - 02:00PM EST
Where: Orange County Convention Center, Room W307A

IT costs. It’s a major pain point for practically every healthcare organization as technology needs continue to grow. Christian J. Pass, Chief Financial Officer at John Muir Health, and Greg McGovern, Associate Principal at The Chartis Group, talk about how John Muir Health (JMH) pursued an aggressive strategy to improve care delivery and expand physician services and market growth. The key to the success of this endeavor? Understanding the key drivers of IT costs and implementing robust controls to effectively manage them. You’ll want to see this session to learn from this example of effective IT cost management.

7. Choosing the Right IT Projects to Deliver Strategic Value
When: February 22, 2017 — 04:00PM EST - 05:00PM EST
Where: Orange County Convention Center, Room W307A

The latest technology trends aren’t always a good fit for every organization, even in the healthcare space. That’s something we often share with clients at VertitechIT: if it doesn’t make good business sense, don’t do it. In this session, Thomas Selva, Chief Medical Information Officer at the University of Missouri, and Seth Katz, MPH, RHIA, Associate Administrator, Information Management at Truman Medical Centers, share a similar view and discuss avoiding a scattershot approach to IT, offering real-world examples of how their respective organizations have overcome common governance challenges.

8. Building Hybrid Clouds for Secure Healthcare Organizations
When: February 23, 2017 — 10:30AM EST - 11:30AM EST
Where: Orange County Convention Center, Room W311A

Healthcare organizations are adopting hybrid cloud models more readily today than in the past to take advantage of cost and efficiency benefits. However, adopting a hybrid cloud approach requires a careful consideration of several factors and trade-offs to ensure adequate patient privacy as well as continuity of the organization’s data and operations. Speaker Adam Saenger, Vice President, Global Product Development & Management at Level 3 Communications, shares insights that will leave attendees with the knowledge needed to analyze the end-to-end needs of their users and applications, determine the right cloud strategy for your organization, evaluate your cloud network migration strategy, and more.

9. How IT Infrastructure Can Support Value-Based Care
When: February 21, 2017 — 03:30PM EST - 03:50PM EST
Where: Orange County Convention Center, Booth 7281|ConnectHealth

In the era of technology, it’s more important than ever for clinicians to be able to communicate seamlessly. Terry Edwards, President & CEO of PerfectServe, Inc., and Scott Raymond, BSN, MHA, RN, Executive Director, Strategic Innovation and Information Services at MemorialCare Health System, discuss how the appropriate technology infrastructure is necessary to support clinicians’ need to quickly and easily share and access time-sensitive and complex information as healthcare moves toward a value-based reimbursement model.

10. How to Make IT the Underpinning of the Enterprise Strategy
When: February 22, 2017 — 08:30AM EST - 09:30AM EST
Where: Orange County Convention Center, Room W307A

Aligning IT with broader business strategy has been a best practice for some time now, but too often these strategies are planned separately and end up lacking the necessary alignment to ensure that IT supports business needs. John R. Ward, Chief Information Officer and Vice President, IT/IS at TriHealth, and Robert Schwyn, Partner at The Chartis Group, make the case for better IT-business alignment in this must-see session.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@VertitechIT) for lived reports from the show floor.  See you in Orlando!

Hyperconvergence in Healthcare

Watch VertitechIT CEO and Interim Baystate Health CTO Mike Feld discuss the changing world of healthcare IT from VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas.

VMware Asks VertitechIT to Show Hospitals How to Do More With Less

Michael Feld, VerititechIT CEO

HOLYOKE, MA August 22, 2016 — For the second year in a row, global cloud infrastructure leader VMware, has invited VertitechIT to be a featured presenter at one of the world’s largest IT industry gatherings.  VMworld will be held August 28th through September 1st in Las Vegas.

VertitechIT Chief Executive Officer Michael Feld, who also serves as a senior healthcare IT consultant to Baystate Health System in Springfield, MA, Lancaster General Health in Lancaster, PA, and Temple University Health in Philadelphia, PA, will address convention attendees on the subject of extending IT resources in a time of budget cuts and increased responsibilities. 

“Hospitals are losing money, piling up debt, and seeing downgrades in their credit ratings and yet they’re being asked to take on more responsibilities as a result of government mandates and advances in patient care,” says Feld.  His VMworld presentations will center on software standardization and hyper-convergence, a method of standardizing compute, network, and storage on commodity hardware.  VertitechIT healthcare clients have saved millions of dollars over the last two years by implementing hyper-converged infrastructures.

Feld will also appear live during VMworld on the Cube, the leading on line interview show covering enterprise technology and innovation.  The segment will be broadcast on Tuesday August 30th from 2:30 to 2:50 PST on SiliconANGLE TV (  

About VertitechIT:  VertitechIT is a national healthcare IT networking and consulting firm headquartered in Holyoke, Massachusetts with additional offices in the greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Cleveland, Ohio areas.  The company currently employs more than 30 network engineers and desktop support technicians in 5 states (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida) building and maintaining sophisticated network storage and computing infrastructures for some of the world’s most prestigious healthcare institutions and mid to large size companies.  With specific expertise in hyper-converged architecture design, desktop and server virtualization and private fiber networking, VertitechIT also offers an array of managed IT and long term IT outsourcing support services.  For more information, please visit or contact Steve Shaw at 413-268-1630 or via email at  

VertitechIT Appoints New Vice President, Engineering

Gerry Gosselin- Vice President, Engineering

Gerry Gosselin- Vice President, Engineering

HOLYOKE, MA August 15, 2016 — A nationally-known healthcare leader in the design and implementation of hyper-converged network architecture, VertitechIT has promoted Gerry Gosselin to the position of Vice President, Engineering.  Having formerly served as the company’s Director of Technical Operations, Gosselin brings with him more than eighteen years of programming and network engineering experience.

“Gerry’s wealth of early experience as a programmer shines through in his infrastructure design skills,” commented VertitechIT Chief Operations Officer Gregory Pellerin.  “As health system IT departments across the country adopt a software-defined approach to networking and storage, we’re confident that Gerry will further our leadership position in the industry.”

Gosselin will oversee VertitechIT’s team of senior engineers and architects in determining technology, scope, and level of effort for all company projects.  He joined the company in 2013 and has developed high-level IT experience in network engineering, monitoring and management, virtualization, system administration, and systems integration.

Gerry resides in Agawam, Massachusetts with his wife and daughter.  He is a 1998 graduate of Holyoke Community College with a degree in Computer Information Systems.

Virtualize This!

Network virtualization continues to play a key role on the journey to the data center of the future. As concepts such as the software-defined data center (SDDC) and hyperconvergence take hold, they are driven, in part, by network virtualization technology.   Read More......

VMware and VertitechIT and Software Defined Networking

VMware shares are trading at their lowest levels in five years after the vendor shared fiscal 2016 guidance that fell short of Wall Street's expectations, but its NSX software-defined networking business is a bright spot in the gloom.  Michael Feld, CEO of VertitechIT, a Holyoke, Mass.-based VMware partner focused on the health-care space, said some of his large hospital customers have bought "millions of dollars" of NSX.  Read More...

Foresite IT Security Joins Stability Alliance

HOLYOKE, MA, January 13, 2016:  Foresite, a national leader in threat mitigation and managed security, has joined the StabilITy Alliance of companies to provide its suite of IT protection services to the coalition’s customers.  They will partner with VertitechIT, a healthcare and business networking and IT consultancy, Microsoft platform provider Software Logic, and unified communications expert Partner Consulting in expanding alliance offerings across the country.

“There is no question that securing IT networks is one of the most critical challenges facing our collective healthcare and enterprise clients in the years ahead,” said Alliance member and VertitechIT CEO Michael Feld.  “Having the national resources of Foresite to offer our clients is a win-win for everyone.”  StabilITy Alliance companies can now market site assessment and infrastructure design, security and compliance, network monitoring implementation, and telecom management services under a single entity, while retaining their corporate independence.

“It’s no coincidence that the letters IT are the foundation of the word stability,” commented Foresite Vice President for Consulting Services Jason LeDuc.  “The StabilITy Alliance is truly a coalition of like minded, complementary companies with a shared vision.  Our focus on cyber-security and compliance fits perfectly into the Alliance’s product matrix.”

Headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas with offices in Connecticut and the United Kingdom, Foresite delivers a range of threat mitigation and managed security services.  Software Logic, based in central Pennsylvania, is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner and is recognized nationally for its expertise in cloud technologies and the ability to customize MS System Center to maximize a company’s Microsoft investment.  Headquartered in Connecticut, Partner Consulting implements unified communications platforms with emphasis on IP telephony, contact center, and telecommunications expense management.  VertitechIT, with offices in western Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Ohio, provides high-level strategic counsel and sophisticated tactical support to healthcare institutions across the country, while serving select Fortune 1000 companies in the enterprise sector. 

Software Logic Joins VertitechIT

HOLYOKE, MA, January 5, 2016: Software Logic, one of the east coast’s leading Microsoft platform provider companies, has been acquired by Massachusetts-based VertitechIT as it continues expansion of its healthcare IT consultancy.  Already a nationally recognized leader in the design and implementation of hyper-converged architecture and VDI, the new company adds additional hybrid cloud and monitoring management systems expertise to its strategic and tactical offerings.

VertitechIT CEO Michael Feld said, “No one understands the integration and importance of hybrid cloud solutions like Azure© and monitoring management products like System Center©, better than the talented staff at Software Logic.  Our healthcare clients are demanding expertise that will allow them to operate more efficiently and economically and the integration of our two companies will allow us to provide a single-stop solution to meet those needs.”  Software Logic Co-Founder Scott Stumpf has been named Chief Technology Officer of VertitechIT, while President and Co-Founder Mike Machulsky has been appointed Vice President of Sales.

“Our two companies have worked closely together as members of the StabilITy Alliance for several years,” added Machulsky.  “Joining forces will allow us to grow our presence with leading healthcare systems and Fortune 1000 enterprise clients across the country.”  While the two companies will immediately combine staff, technical, and administrative resources, the Software Logic and VertitechIT brands will continue to operate for the foreseeable future.  Corporate headquarters will remain in western Massachusetts with additional offices in central Pennsylvania and Cleveland, Ohio.

VertitechIT's Healthcare Infrastructure Project Garners Global Attention

One of the world's largest software manufacturers is telling healthcare IT professionals to take note of an evolutionary network design for a New England hospital.  VMware has produced a video on VertitechIT's hyper-converged architecture for Baystate Health, calling it "The Model Healthcare Center of Tomorrow."  Baystate CIO Joel Vengco and VertitechIT CEO Michael Feld explain how it's transforming the institution's ability to store and access information, saving millions in the process. Watch it Here

SDDC: Coming to a Hospital Near You

Conversion to software-defined data center (SDDC) methodology has been saving businesses millions of dollars for several years now.  Today, healthcare institutions are proving that SDDC can cut their costs as well.  VertitechIT CEO Michael Feld, who also serves as interim CTO at Lancaster General and Baystate Health Systems, shows how in this informative webinar. Listen Here....

VertitechIT Launches New and “Different” Website

HOLYOKE, MA  January 15, 2015 — With sales at an all-time high, an ultra-modern headquarters, and a new, national business alliance focused on IT network infrastructure and unified communications, VertitechIT is celebrating with the launch of its new interactive website.   Located at, the site uses humorous black and white photography and poignant headlines to draw in visitors, poking light fun at what can be a very staid and highly technical profession. “IT industry websites tend to be rather formulaic,” says VertitechIT Principal Partner Greg Pellerin.  “It was important for our new site to reflect our corporate culture; one that promotes fun and creativity along with cutting-edge technical expertise.”  The privately-held company which caters to the business and healthcare industries, just concluded its most successful year ever and recently moved into its new national headquarters in a converted 19th century paper mill in Holyoke, MA.

“We’re a different breed of IT infrastructure consultant,” added Vice President of Marketing Steve Shaw who oversaw the site re-design.  “We have a unique understanding of how IT has a bottom line financial impact on a business or healthcare institution and that knowledge and approach, combined with a little ‘personality,’ hopefully comes through in our new site and marketing materials, separating us from our competitors.”

VertitechIT also recently announced the formation of a national IT solutions coalition with Microsoft platform provider Software Logic and unified communications expert Partner Consulting.  The new Stability Alliance ( is focused on building IT network infrastructures that allow businesses and healthcare systems to increase capacity, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.