Bridging the Gap Between
Patient Care, IT Strategy, and Implementation

We’ve built and run telecommunications companies, managed IT for businesses and hospitals, and architected change to internal and external audiences on behalf of some of the biggest organizations on the planet. We utilize that experience to provide transformational services to CIOs and senior leadership, serving as the strategic technology liaison between them and their IT department. Engage us for whatever you need from high level strategy to tactical execution. Engage us to formulate your next generation platform to support your new service offerings and then to build them. Engage us to design and implement a hyper-converged architecture, virtualize a network, or customize monitoring and management. We bring to you our entire organization to provide strategic and tactical advice on any topic during the life of the engagement. One monthly fee, no long-term contract, cancellable for any reason upon thirty days’ notice.

“IT now works for the hospital, instead of the hospital working for the IT department.

Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?”

— Hospital Senior Executive

Organizational Transformation

Linking Strategic and Tactical Thinking

Challenge: A $1.6B health system struggles with new technology and process, suffering service difficulties due to the infrastructure it shares with its namesake university.

Solution: Create an Office of the CTO to separate and implement the next generation infrastructure platform and restructure the organization. The entire effort is accomplished by reallocating existing budgets with no net new extraordinary operating expenditures.

Approach: VertitechIT has developed a proprietary Leverage IT℠ process by partnering with senior management to develop a vision, augment existing skills, eliminate organizational silos, and empower staff to adopt a broad view of the enterprise well beyond IT. The approach results in shorter project time frames, lower costs, and clearly defined “cut-overs” to client staff for continuing operations.

Office of the CTO/IT Leadership Training/Interim Executive Placement/Big Data/Analytics/Strategic and Tactical Support

“Successful joint ventures are dependent on joining forces with proven, dynamic, and entrepreneurial businesses.”

— Large Health System CTO

Value Creation

The Monetization of IT

Challenge: In the midst of a $21M infrastructure facelift, a mid-sized healthcare institution looks for a way to justify its substantial IT investment and quell Board of Director concerns about return on technology investment.

SolutionAn innovative joint venture with VertitechIT creates the structure to offer managed services and secure data center hosting to orbiting independent healthcare practices, generating an estimated $200,000 in annual outside income available to fund other strategic initiatives.

Approach: The average non-profit hospital operating margin is just 2.6 percent so the ability to generate revenue without impacting IT service levels is invaluable. Joint ventures help reduce operational expenses to fund innovation, enabling the CIO, IT staff, and other functional areas to become an internal and external service broker.

VertitechIT also provides business and technical support for unique healthcare technology incubators that give entrepreneurs the ability to test innovative products in a “living laboratory,” while creating new opportunities for institutional revenue and investment.

Joint Venture Operation/Managed Services/Technology Incubator Support/Development Office Corporate Partnership Assistance/General Financing/ Strategic and Tactical Support/Telecom Expense Management/Professional Services

“We know we’re moving to the cloud but the road to get there is crowded with vendor claims that are often difficult to navigate.”

— Health System Associate CIO

Technology Innovation

Understanding the Cloud Conundrum

Challenge: A west coast healthcare system is looking to embrace the public cloud and needs an unbiased review of competing software-defined methodologies, a process for testing, evaluating, and implementing proposed solutions, and a roadmap for driving cultural and institutional change.

SolutionA three-month assessment results in a unified, network-wide objective for both private and public cloud implementation. The VertitechIT team identifies existing project deficiencies that require remediation and proposes solutions, providing a plan that increases the scalability, redundancy, and resiliency of systems and processes, making future expansion easier. Considerable focus is placed on breaking down the “we’ve always done it that way” barriers to technical innovation and providing the insights leading to a true department-wide cultural transformation.

Approach: Major software companies are joining forces with hardware manufacturers to put hyper-convergence in-a-box, combining network, storage, and compute solutions in a turn-key product. VertitechIT pioneered hyper-convergence for healthcare and through its proprietary Transform IT℠ process, illuminates the relationships between technologies in a vendor agnostic fashion, demonstrating why each new platform technology must have common, software-defined methodologies that guarantee inter-operation.

Cloud Strategy/Infrastructure Assessment/Hyper-Convergence/VDI