Technology as a
Competitive Advantage

We’re Navigators.  We help navigate technological and cultural change, looking forward and charting the external marketplace forces necessary for success.

We’re Entrepreneurs.  We break down traditional organizational silos so that people embrace and drive change, forging partnerships and capitalizing on opportunities to monetize IT investment.

We’re Referees.  We manage change so the game flows without interruption, doing our jobs effectively so that technology is an invisible element of a business solution.

We’re Champions.  We help identify the best solutions and the change agents within every organization, championing IT as a competitive advantage.

“It’s not just about technology. It’s about helping our employees do their jobs efficiently and profitably.”

— Global Manager, Network Information Technology

Organizational Transformation

Linking Strategic and Tactical Thinking

Challenge: A publicly-traded, global manufacturer with 10,000 employees has an under-performing network with out-of-control costs, multiple vendors, and a strategic growth plan dependent on technological superiority.

Solution: A worldwide network assessment leads to a total network re-design, global MPLS deployment and migration, and 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and management.  Bandwidth needs are reduced by 30% with a doubling of network speed and reliability.

Approach: We approach assignments like this from the perspective of organizational technologists.  By looking at strategic vision, growth plans, funding and personnel resources first, technology approaches are evaluated to support short and long term goals.  Our approach results in condensed project time frames, lower costs, and clearly defined “cut-overs” to client staff for continuing operations.

Office of the CTO/IT Leadership Training/Interim Executive Placement/Strategic and Tactical Support

“Too many IT firms have their heads buried in bits and bytes and they forget that we’re in business to make money.”

— Private Equity Investment Manager

Value Creation

Lower Cost – Superior Performance

Challenge: A middle market private equity firm looks to buy its first cable television system but requires a thorough pre-transaction analysis to determine the existing IT network’s growth potential. The report must go far beyond the technical capabilities of the targeted acquisition and provide the foundation for a transactional service agreement between the buyer and seller.

SolutionTaking the lead for project management, engineering, customer service, and sales/marketing, VertitechIT conducts thorough due diligence highlighting system strengths and weakness, including a year-one CAPEX budget that includes plant upgrades and head end consolidation.

Approach: Whether part of the due diligence process or brought in post-acquisition, VertitechIT analysts provide M&A clients with an IT strategic plan that can aid in asset valuation, synergy analysis and systems integration. We’d like to think that we’re among that rare breed of IT professionals that truly understands the private equity and merger & acquisitions process and can speak hurdle rates and clawback provisions and show how a solid business technology backbone can make a critical contribution to rapid and sustained growth.

Joint Venture Operation/Managed Services/General Financing/Strategic and Tactical Support/Telecom Expense Management/Professional Services

“We’re quickly moving to a model where we don’t have to own so much IT stuff.”

— Global CIO

Technology Innovation

Doing More With Less

Challenge: Rapid growth for a global real estate services group is slowed by an expensive and unresponsive data center architecture.

Solution: Server virtualization and implementation of a world-wide hybrid cloud infrastructure reduces annual IT spend by 75 percent, removing barriers to growth and providing disaster preparedness at an affordable price. Standardizing, virtualizing, and cloud-enabling allows for dynamic allocation of IT resources.

Approach: Enterprise clients consistently wrestle with economic pressures dictated by rising costs and increased competition.  Before wholesale movement to the cloud, VertitechIT employs cutting edge software tools to discover, evaluate, and analyze workloads to assess digital strategies and determine technology solutions that drive maximum benefit from a financial and capabilities perspective.

Digital Strategy/Infrastructure Assessment/Hyper-Convergence/Hybrid Cloud/IT Service Management/VDI