Digital Transformation

We Hate Clichés Too But If The Label Fits…

Call them buzzwords or just plain hype, everyone it seems is talking about Digital Transformation. It’s not just a single IT project. It goes far beyond any one manufacturer’s ability to capture the magic in a box. Digital Transformation can only be accomplished through a formal process that uses technology to implement revolutionary change within an organization. 

For us, it’s a three-year project that we call TransformIT™, a model for change that embraces a holistic approach encompassing all aspects of an IT department.

The TransformIt™ process is often accomplished by reallocating existing budgets and is often completed

without any net new capital investment.



  • Optimize organizational structure 
  • Facilitate an “un-siloed” culture change 
  • Examine current staff skills and those required in the future


  • Review how change is managed 
  • Study internal governance 
  • Implement ROI-based mindset for infrastructure-related decisions


  • An agnostic approach that eliminates dependence on single vendors 
  • A layered and logical infrastructure design that establishes key requirements for technology decisions

TransformIT™ codifies the transformation of IT infrastructure from beginning to end, lays out a step-by-step path to change through the structure of an Office of the CTO, bringing internal IT leadership together with hand-picked former CIOs, CTOs, business owners, and senior healthcare leaders.  Together, they implement current industry best practices to evaluate, diagnose, and transform the department into a strategic asset. The TransformIT™ process empowers senior staff with the tactical IT business skills and knowledge they need to manage a 21st century IT operation. 

The TransformIT™ process and the Office of the CTO provides for governance and leadership 

of the organization’s technology strategy and promotes the development of future IT leaders.