Digital Transformation

We Hate Clichés Too But If The Label Fits…

Digital Transformation

Call them buzzwords or just plain hype but everyone, it seems, is talking about Digital Transformation. It’s not just a single IT project and it goes far beyond any one manufacturer’s ability to capture magic in a box.

Digital Transformation can only be accomplished through an intense examination of people, process, and technology, in order to implement revolutionary change within an organization.


  • Optimize the organizational structure 
  • Facilitate an “un-siloed” culture change 
  • Examine current staff skills and those required for the future


  • Review how change is managed 
  • Study internal governance 
  • Implement an ROI-based mindset for infrastructure-related decisions


  • Take an agnostic approach that eliminates dependence on single vendors 
  • Establish a layered and logical infrastructure design that formulates key requirements for technology decisions

The Three Phases of Digital Transformation

The VertitechIT model for digital transformation involves establishing a baseline (ValidateIT™), constructing a roadmap that accounts for current and future state (InitiateIT™), and culminates with a two to three-year implementation methodology (TransformIT™).