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We’re always looking for talented, technologically creative, entrepreneurial-driven people to join our team.  If you don’t see an opportunity that matches your skills or career goals, contact us.

Chief Technology Officer/Executive Project Officer (posted 8/18/2017)

Massachusetts, NY/New Jersey, Philadelphia and Vicinity

Executive Project Officers are senior-level managers, equally comfortable operating in the board room and the back room: at home in c-suite environments and among talented technology professionals. They serve as interim CTOs, advisors, and leaders with deep knowledge of design, implementation, and support of complex data centers and enterprise environments. They form vital bridges between the business, the CIO, and the rest of IT, shaping the strategic direction of the organization and implementing tactical directives. Learn More…

Project Manager (posted 8/22/2017)

Connecticut, Western Massachusetts

We saw a joke recently that sums this position up pretty well.  “Being a Project Manager is like riding a bike…. except the bike’s on fire, you’re on fire, everything’s on fire, and you’re in hell.”  We’d like to believe it’s not quite that bad but if you’re the kind of person that thrives on pressure, embraces seemingly insurmountable challenges, and is always screaming “bring it on,” this job is for you.  Learn More…..