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IT Project Manager  (posted 04/3/2019)

Western MA

Someone posted a job description for a Project Manager position on Pinterest recently that pretty much says it all. “A Project Manager is an organizational leader dedicated to the imposition of order upon chaos, even if chaos is perfectly happy with the status quo.”

If that describes you, our condolences… and let’s talk.  Read this first…

Senior Network Infrastructure Engineer  (posted 04/2/2019)

Springfield, MA

Our Senior Network Infrastructure Engineers are experts. They’re not” know-it-alls” but they know their stuff and are smart enough to know what they don’t know, know where to look, and know how to learn fast and gain the know-how into all things networky (that means the design, implementation, and management of corporate/enterprise wired and wireless networks). Want to know more?  Learn More

Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Engineer  (posted 01/21/2019)

Lancaster, PA

If you grew up or learned to love Gates, Balmer, and all things Redmond, Washington, you’ll do fine. This position requires you to live and breathe Office 365 and Azure and advocate to your colleagues, peers, and clients how it can benefit and improve efficiency and add value to what they do every day.  Learn More