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O365 and Azure Engineer (posted 10/29/2019)

Chicago, IL

If you grew up or learned to love Gates, Balmer, and all things Redmond, Washington, you’ll do fine. This position requires you to live and breathe Office 365 and advocate to your colleagues, peers, and clients how it can benefit and improve efficiency and add value to what they do every day.

If you think this position is for you, keep reading. But if you don’t have specific experience in planning and executing Office 365 migrations, we’ll save you some time. That know-how is a must.  Here it is…

SCCM Engineer (posted 08/1/2019)

Lancaster, PA

Our SCCM Engineers aren’t afraid to step down from a moving train and get their hands dirty. They’ll often work with a team of other infrastructure engineers to service IT consulting and managed service clients throughout Pennsylvania. You’ll be a troubleshooter, repair person, patch maker, and system implementation expert.

And if you’re good, we just may let you put on a cap and blow the whistle once in awhile.  Read More…