Cyber-security criminals

Hollywood’s latest cybercrime drama is playing out... again.  Some might say Sony Pictures' North Korean computer hack attack was just a hard lesson to learn for a big corporation, but word of a ransomware attack on Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center is taking on life and death consequences.

The hospital’s declared a state of emergency and thieves say it’ll cost them 9000 Bitcoin or $3.4 million dollars to bring all of their systems back on line.  While the FBI is investigating, some patients are actually being sent to other hospitals until the crisis is over.  Experts are speculating that the breach likely occurred when an employee opened a malicious link in an email, making it likely that additional attacks will continue to make headlines.

Is there an antidote for cyber-crime?  Educating employees on the dos and don’ts of email links can help but tragically, it may take the death or serious injury of a patient whose caregivers were hand-cuffed by these thugs to drive the danger home.  It’s one thing to bring a Hollywood movie studio to its knees but when innocent people are physically hurt or killed, the story takes on a whole new meaning.  How ironic that today’s script is being written in Hollywood.