Best IT Podcasts 2018: 50 Informative (and Entertaining) Shows for IT Pros


If you’re anything like us, people are always making suggestions on what to read, what to buy, or what to listen to during all that downtime in your schedule.  Yah right.  Downtime is that other word for your daily commute or maybe the few minutes between brushing your teeth and that morning cup of coffee.

Time is valuable to say the least and no one has the bandwidth to research the plethora of material out there to make your work life just a little more bearable, exciting, or entertaining.  That’s why our band of weary techies put together this list of what we feel are the 50 best IT podcasts on the web today. Originally created in 2017, we’ve refreshed and updated our top podcasts list for 2018 to reflect the most informative, regularly updated podcasts for today’s IT professionals.

They aren’t ranked or rated in any particular order of importance (we don’t play favorites), but they are categorized for easy reference.

It saves time that way.  Enjoy.


Security Podcasts

1. Data Breach Today

Data Breach TodayData Breach Today is part of Information Security Media Group, Corp. and brings you the most up-to-date news and insights on data breach detection, notification, and prevention laws. In addition to the variety of written content offered by Data Breach Today, they also feature interviews with thought leaders and experts spanning topics from risk management and compliance to fraud, information security, and more.

Three episodes we like from Data Breach Today: 

2. Data Driven Security

Data Driven SecurityData Driven Security is “a podast on the journey to discovery and decision making through data in information security by Bob Rudis and Jay Jacobs.” It’s a bi-weekly show, covering data analysis and visualization from every possible angle.

Three episodes we like from Data Driven Security: 

3. Packet Pushers


Packet PushersA data networking industry podcast, Packet Pushers is hosted by engineers who discuss the latest networking topics with featured guests. Topics touch on networking, data centers, enterprise IT, and more.

Three episodes we like from Packet Pushers:

4. Risky Business


Risky BusinessEstablished in February 2007, Risky Business is one of the most prolific IT podcasts today, featuring host Patrick Gray who delves into the toughest topics and pressing issues facing the industry. It’s also a favorite among our in-house IT experts here at VertitechIT. Guest contributors join in the fun to offer expertise and opinions on the topics du jour.

Three episodes we like from Risky Business:

5. The Virtualization Security Round Table Podcast

The Virtualization Security Round Table PodcastA podcast by TVP Strategy, The Virtualization Security Round Table Podcast provides an open forum for discussing all things virtualization, cloud computing security, virtual environments, and related topics. Episodes are hosted on Talkshoe, and you can find the after-podcasts writeups and notes at

Three episodes we like from The Virtualization Security Round Table Podcast: 

Technology News Podcasts

6. Accidental Tech Podcast


Accidental Tech PodcastThe Accidental Tech Podcast, created accidentally while trying to do a car show, features Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa. The hosts cover everything from gadgets to general tech, Apple, programming, and everything in between.

Three episodes we like from Accidental Tech Podcast:

7. Andreessen Horowitz’s a16z Podcast


Andreessen Horowitz’s a16z PodcastAndreessen Horowitz, founded by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, supports entrepreneurs who are building the next biggest things in tech, offering expertise and access to executive and technical talent, market intelligence, policy and regulatory affairs, and more. The Andreessen Horowitz a16z Podcast features interviews and discussions with bold thinkers and game-changers in tech.

Three episodes we like from Andreessen Horowitz a16z Podcast:

8. Bad Voltage


Bad VoltageBad Voltage is a podcast about Open Source, technology, and having fun (not necessarily in that order). Hosted by Jono Bacon, Jeremy Garcia, and Stuart Langridge, Bad Voltage features reviews, interviews, and entertainment.

Three episodes we like from Bad Voltage:

9. Channel 9


Channel 9Channel 9 is your source for all the behind-the-scenes happenings at Microsoft, straight from the people building the latest products. Channel 9 is managed by a group of developers and technical enthusiasts from Microsoft who aim to bring the community at large into the conversation.

Three episodes we like from Channel 9:

10. Daily Tech News Show


Daily Tech News ShowHosted by veteran podcaster and industry analyst Tom Merritt, joined by tech veteran Sarah Lane, the Daily Tech News Show delivers the top stories in tech along with analysis from both regular contributors and experienced thought leaders.

Three episodes we like from Daily Tech News Show:

11. Decrypted


DecryptedBloomberg Technology’s Brad Stone hosts the Decrypted podcast each week. Along with reporters, Stone aims to uncover what actually happens behind closed doors in the mysterious and innovative world of technology.

Three episodes we like from Decrypted:

12. FLOSS Weekly


FLOSS WeeklyThe best and brightest people and projects in Free Libre Open Source Software are brought to you each week through the FLOSS Weekly netcast. Hosted by Randal Schwartz and Aaron Newcomb, FLOSS Weekly is your weekly source of knowledge on all things Open Source.

Three episodes we like from FLOSS Weekly:

13. IT Pro Show

IT Pro ShowFocused on news and trends, as well as career development advice for IT professionals, IT Pro Show was founded in 2010. Hosts Tom Kresic, John Kresic, and Mike Kresic walk through the most important enterprise IT news each week and offer listeners their perspectives on how it impacts organizations and IT pros.

Three episodes we like from IT Pro Show: 

14. LINUX Unplugged


LINUX UnpluggedJupiter Broadcasting is home to some of the best shows on Linux, Open Source, development, community, privacy, and even news and politics. LINUX Unplugged is an opinion-based show that’s powered by community, taking the best attributes of open collaboration and focusing them in a weekly lifestyle show about Linux.

Three episodes we like from LINUX Unplugged:

15. PC Perspective


PC PerspectivePC Perspective discusses the latest in-house product reviews as well as news related to PC hardware and technology.

Three episodes we like from PC Perspective:

16. Recode/Decode


Recode/DecodeKara Swisher, one of tech’s most prominent journalists, hosts Recode/Decode, interviewing influential business leaders and outspoken personalities in the tech sphere.

Three episodes we like from Recode/Decode:

17. SpokenEdition – Tech & Gadgets by Gizmodo


SpokenEdition – Tech & Gadgets by GizmodoNo time to read lengthy articles? Listen to Gizmodo’s SpokenEdition podcast for the latest information, articles, and news about design, social trends, and technology.

Three episodes we like from SpokenEdition:

18. Tech News Today


Tech News TodayA live show taking place each weekday, Tech News Today explores the most important tech stories of the day in conversation with the world’s leading tech journalists.

Three episodes we like from Tech News Today:

19. Tech Policy Podcast


Tech Policy PodcastTech Policy Podcast features interviews with experts in technology policy focused on current policy issues, regulations, and legal matters.

Three episodes we like from Tech Policy Podcast:

20. Techdirt


TechdirtTechdirt was first started back in 1997 by Floor64 founder Mike Masnick. The website grew to become a collaborative, group blogging effort, and today Techdirt uses a proven economic framework to analyze and offer insights on news stories spanning government, technology, and law, both through articles and through the Techdirt podcast.

Three episodes we like from Techdirt:

21. TechSNAP


TechSNAPA weekly systems, network, and administration podcast brought to you by Jupiter Broadcasting, TechSNAP covers the stories that impact the people in the tech industry.

Three episodes we like from TechSNAP:

22. The Hanselminutes Podcast


The Hanselminutes PodcastScott Hanselman is a teacher and author who has been blogging for more than a decade. In the Hanselminutes Podcast, Hanselman interviews the movers and shakers in the technology industry for convenient listening on your commute.

Three episodes we like from The Hanselminutes Podcast:

23. This Week in Enterprise Tech


This Week in Enterprise TechHosted by Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ, Brian Chee, Curt Franklin, and Louis Maresca, This Week in Enterprise Tech explores the complex, cutting-edge world of enterprise technology.

Three episodes we like from This Week in Enterprise Tech:

24. Three Devs and a Maybe

Three Devs and a MaybeThree Devs and a Maybe is a weekly(ish) podcast covering anything and everything pertaining to software development.

Three episodes we like from Three Devs and a Maybe: 

25. Triangulation


TriangulationEach week, Leo Laporte and other This Week in Enterprise Tech podcast hosts talk to the world’s most brilliant people about the most crucial tech topics in the Triangulation podcast, produced by TWiT.

Three episodes we like from Triangulation:

Health IT Podcasts

26. Health IT in Action

Health IT in ActionHealth IT in Action is a podcast offered by HIMSS and focuses on the collaborative effort necessary to improve health and healthcare by leveraging information technology. Learn from physicians, nurses, pharmacists and professionals with the CAHIMS and CPHIMS credentials who offer insights on their careers, their daily work, and programs and organizations that aid in advancing their career goals.

Three episodes we like from Health IT in Action: 

27. Healthcare Informatics

Healthcare InformaticsHealthcare Informatics is a leading source of information for “professionals involved in the planning, development, and implementation of important technological strategies that define tomorrow’s healthcare.” The Health Informatics podcast, hosted by Mark Hagland, Rajiv Leventhal, Gabriel Perna, Adam Armstrong, and others, touches on topics such as MACRA, patient access to healthcare records, interoperability, and a variety of other subjects pertinent to today’s health IT professionals.

Three episodes we like from Healthcare Informatics: 

28. Healthcare Information Security Podcast

Healthcare Information Security PodcastHealthcare Info Security covers all things relevant to today’s health IT professionals and healthcare practitioners, from EHR to governance, fraud, mobility, HIPAA, and more. The Health Info Security Podcast features interviews with leading experts on the latest innovations and most pressing topics in the industry.

Three episodes we like from Healthcare Information Security Podcast: 

29. Healthcare Tech Talk

Healthcare Tech TalkHealthcare Tech Talk is “where health technology experts come to talk.” Hosts Terry Baker and Kelley Hill discuss the technologies used in the delivery of healthcare, including healthcare information technology and clinical/biomedical engineering technology.

Three episodes we like from Healthcare Tech Talk: 

Podcasts for IT Managers and CIOs

30. Career Tools Feeds

Career ToolsCareer Tools is a part of Manager Tools, a management consulting firm with a mission of making every manager effective and every professional productive. One of the favorite podcasts of our in-house thought leaders here at VeritechIT, Career Tools is worth a listen for anyone wanting to stay at the top of their field.

Three episodes we like from Career Tools: 

31. Intel Chip Chat


Intel Chip ChatIntel Chip Chat is a podcast series featuring informal, one-on-one interviews with industry leaders. Designed for IT managers, Intel Chip Chat covers all things data center, from advanced analytics to AI, cloud, and more.

Three episodes we like from Intel Chip Chat:

32. Manager Tools Feeds

Manager ToolsAnother favorite among VertitechIT’s senior leadership staff, Manager Tools is run by the same management consulting firm as Career Tools, but this podcast is targeted to management professionals. Like Career Tools, it’s focused on providing insights and guidance to enable today’s management professionals to advance their careers and improve performance.

Three episodes we like from Manager Tools: 

33. SearchCIO Podcast


SearchCIOSearchCIO features several podcasts focused on various issues of importance to CIOs, including business software, data centers and virtualization, IT and business management, and more.

Three episodes we like from SearchCIO Podcast:

Cloud Computing and IoT Podcasts

34. Cisco Data Center Podcast


Cisco Data Center PodcastCisco Data Center Podcasts feature conversations on current technology issues in the data center with guests from development, engineering, and IT. In each episode, the data center topic of focus is reviewed briefly followed by a discussion of recent technology developments and real-world case studies.

Three episodes we like from Cisco Data Center Podcast:

35. DABCC Radio


DABCC RadioAn enterprise IT talk show, DABCC Radio is hosted by Douglas Brown, a 20+-year industry expert. Brown interviews thought leaders spanning IoT, desktop, cloud, mobility, virtualization, and all the hot topics in IT today.

Three episodes we like from DABCC Radio:

36. IoT Podcast


IoT PodcastHosted by Stacey Higginbotham, a journalist who has covered technology since 2001, the IoT Podcast focuses on the current state of technology – as she describes it, “a pivotal moment in the evolution of human creativity, business creation and productivity gains.”

Three episodes we like from IoT Podcast:

37. ipSpace Software Gone Wild

ipSpace Software Gone WildIvan Pepelnjak has been “designing and implementing large-scale service provider and enterprise networks as well as teaching and writing books about advanced technologies since 1990.” He hosts ipSpace Software Gone Wild, where he talks about all things software, from Linux to data centers, networking trends, and more.

Three episodes we like from ipSpace Software Gone Wild: 

38. The Cloudcast


The CloudcastA weekly cloud computing podcast, The Cloudcast podcast covers topics ranging from Azure to DevOps, IoT, SaaS, and, of course, cloud computing, among others. Hosted by Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely, The Cloudcast is an award-winning show you won’t want to miss.

Three episodes we like from The Cloudcast:

39. The Hypervisor Huddle


The Hypervisor HuddleSearchVMWare’s bi-weekly podcast, The Hypervisor Huddle is your source for the latest VMWare happenings in the virtualization space, hosted by site editor Hannah Drake and news writer Bridget Botelho.

Three episodes we like from The Hypervisor Huddle:

40. This Week in Virtualization


This Week in VirtualizationA podcast offered by TechTarget’s SearchServerVirtualization, This Week in Virtualization covers all things virtualization, including how virtualization impacts IT managers and system administrators.

Three episodes we like from This Week in Virtualization:

41. Veeam Community Podcast


Veeam Community PodcastThe Veeam Community Podcast aims to give the global virtualization community a new resource to connect with industry peers, bloggers, and experts in the industry. Each 30-minute weekly episode is hosted by Rick Vanover, a writer, blogger, VMware vExpert, VMware Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified IT Professional and a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator.

Three episodes we like from Veeam Community Podcast:

42. VMware Virtualization Podcast


VMWare Virtualization PodcastVMware Virtualization Podcasts feature expert insights, interviews with industry leaders, and valuable perspectives on virtualization and other topics of interest to the IT community.

Three episodes we like from VMware Virtualization Podcast:

Q&A and Tutorial Podcasts

43. Ask Noah Show


Ask Noah ShowA community-focused show, the Ask Noah Show is hosted by Noah Celliah, who answers business in tech or technology questions live on the air. This weekly show airs Mondays at 4:00 p.m. PST, 7:00 p.m. EST and first started airing in March 2017.

Three episodes we like from Ask Noah Show:

44. Codebreaker


CodebreakerCodebreaker aims to decipher the complicated feelings surrounding technology by asking straightforward questions. In Season 2, the focus is on whether technology can save us. To listen, you’ll need to crack the code to unlock the next installment.

Three episodes we like from Codebreaker:

45. Hacker Public Radio


Hacker Public RadioHacker Public Radio first began producing shows nearly 12 years ago, and they’re still going strong. Shows are produced by listeners and cover any subject today’s hackers might want to know. Listeners are encouraged to submit at least one show per year to contribute to the community.

Three episodes we like from Hacker Public Radio:

46. Hak5


Hak5Hak5 is a weekly show airing on YouTube and syndicated by Discovery Digital Networks. The show covers topics such as open source software, network infrastructure, penetration testing, and more. Hak5 also produces a number of equally informative sister shows.

Three episodes we like from Hak5:

47. RunAs Radio


Run as RadioA weekly internet radio talk show for IT professionals who work with Microsoft products, RunAs Radio features 30-minute segments focused on a particular IT topic from a Microsoft-centric viewpoint. This podcast is hosted by Richard Campbell, a Microsoft MVP, seasoned consultant, and entrepreneur.

Three episodes we like from RunAs Radio:

48. Software Engineering Radio


Software Engineering RadioSoftware Engineering Radio offers tutorials and interviews with thought leaders on topics of interest to software developers and software engineers. Unlike many podcasts, Software Engineering Radio doesn’t take a news-oriented approach, instead focusing on creating content of lasting educational value with new episodes every 10 days.

Three episodes we like from Software Engineering Radio:

49. TechStuff by HowStuffWorks


TechStuff by How Stuff WorksA show about technology by HowStuffWorks, TechStuff isn’t just about how technology works, but also the people behind the technology, the companies that market it, and how tech impacts daily life and culture. TechStuff is hosted by Jonathan Strickland.

Three episodes we like from TechStuff:

50. TED Talks Technology


TED Talks TechnologyTED Talks are a valuable source of insights and inspiration from the world’s most recognized thought leaders spanning practically every industry. TED Talks Technology is your source for all TED Talks touching on the topic of technology.

Three episodes we like from TED Talks Technology:

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