Best IT Blogs 2018: Must-Read Resources for CIOs, IT & Security Pros


Information Technology.  Sometimes we get so focused on the bits and bytes side of the equation we forget about the information part.  When it comes right down to it, IT is all about using technology to inform, to communicate, to make the business of doing business easier and more understandable.

That’s why we compiled this list. Originally created last year with 50 top IT blogs, we’ve expanded this year’s update to include 70 leading resources for IT professionals, including blogs, discussion forums, niche industry publications, and the best resources for CIOs and CTOs.  VertitechIT’s top 70 IT blogs, forums, and resources were selected because they are among the most current, frequently updated, credible, and informative sources of information related to IT on the web today. From musings of industry leaders, to the veteran guys and gals in the trenches who chronicle their IT journeys, these 70 blogs and resources all have something important to say about the IT world of today, and tomorrow.

If your IT department isn’t saving you money, making you money, or improving your efficiency, you need to head in a new direction.  The 70 blogs listed here (categorized and listed in alphabetical order within each section) in our updated list for 2018 should give you a few ideas on how to get there. Click on a link to jump to a specific section below:

Individual Bloggers

1. Adventures in Automation


Adventures in AutomationTJ Maher has worked in the software testing field since 1996, and since 2015, he’s also been an automation developer and blogger. He started Adventures in Automation in 2015, initially as a way to store the “copious amounts of notes” he found himself taking when he began interviewing for automated development positions. At Adventures in Automation, you’ll find posts on topics ranging from automated testing frameworks to security testing and software quality assurance.

Three posts we like from Adventures in Automation:

2. Anoop’s


Anoop’sAnoop’s is “a blog about infrastructure management,” which focuses on Microsoft technologies, primarily SCCM. Blogger Anoop C. Nair uses this blog as a tech diary of sorts, documenting the most interesting issues he encounters from day to day in his tech life. With 17+ years of experience in information technology, Anoop provides informative tutorials, tips, and more for the IT community.

Three posts we like from Anoop’s:

3. David Strom’s Web Informant

David Strom’s Web InformantDavid Strom is a B2B IT journalist who contributes to Network World, TechTarget, and, as well as a variety of other publications. He offers insights on a multitude of computing and IT topics.

Three posts we like from David Strom’s Web Informant:

4. IT Pro Guru


IT Pro GuruDan Stolts, the blogger behind IT Pro Guru, is an expert in systems management, technology strategy, and security. In addition to his role as Chief Technology Strategist for Microsoft, Stolts owns several businesses and is a published author, providing plenty of insights to empower other IT professionals with useful tutorials, coverage of industry events, and more.

Three posts we like from IT Pro Guru:

5. Krebs on Security


Krebs on SecurityBrian Krebs has more than two decades of experience writing about security, initially for The Washington Post. Today, he blogs at Krebs on Security, which has become one of the most widely read and regarded blogs in the information security space.

Three posts we like from Krebs on Security:



MovingPackets.netJohn Herbert is the blogger behind, focused on his area of expertise: moving packets. Herbert says, “The networking world encompasses a wide range of technologies and tools all ultimately in support of connecting two end points over some kind of network.” That ever-evolving landscape of “protocols, technologies, vendors and architectures” is what keeps him interested – and also gives him plenty of material for the blog.

Three posts we like from

7. Scalable Startups


Scalable StartupsSean Hull has been working with the internet since the 1990s and now works with startups and enterprises as a consultant, helping them improve performance and enable their businesses to scale quickly. Hull blogs about MySQL, AWS, startups, scalability, performance, and more at Scalable Startups.

Three posts we like from Scalable Startups:

8. Scott Hanselman


Scott HanselmanScott Hanselman has been blogging for more than a decade and coding for more than two. He’s also been podcasting for more than five years. In addition to coding, blogging, and podcasting, Hanselman is a speaker, offering his expertise on technology, coding, the web, and more, in addition to his expert opinions on the future of tech.

Three posts we like from Scott Hanselman:

9. Stephenson blogs on Internet of Things


Stephenson blogs on Internet of ThingsW. David Stephenson is an author and thought leader on the Internet of Things and data. His blog, Stephenson blogs on Internet of Things, is focused on IoT strategy, breakthroughs, and management.

Three posts we like from Stephenson blogs on Internet of Things:

10. TaoSecurity


TaoSecurityRichard Bejtlich, Chief Security Strategist at FireEye, blogs about digital security, strategy, military history, and more at TaoSecurity. Bejtlich has blogged at TaoSecurity since January 2003, providing a comprehensive archive of security through the past 15 years.

Three posts we like from TaoSecurity:

11. Tech Bunny


Tech BunnyJanelle Crothers is a Microsoft Technical Evangelist who spent 15 years as a Systems Administrator and now speaks to the IT community about the latest advancements in Microsoft technologies. Tech Bunny is where she shares her insights, presentation slides, and other random thoughts on tech.

Three posts we like from Tech Bunny:

12. The Networking Nerd


The Networking NerdTom Hollingsworth has spent 12 years in the information technology industry and is currently an organizer for Tech Field Day. He writes about technology and industry trends, offers insight on networking topics, and uses his expertise to help the community understand challenging technology topics.

Three posts we like from The Networking Nerd:

13. Troy Hunt


Troy HuntTroy Hunt is a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP. He creates courses for Pluralsight, speaks at events around the world, and trains technology professionals. His blog is a reflection of his work, covering events, education opportunities, and his perspectives on the technology world.

Three posts we like from Troy Hunt:

14. Wahl Network


Wahl NetworkChris Wahl is a published author and tech writer who blogs at Wahl Network, offering “technical solutions for technical people.” From tips and tutorials to webinar announcements, news and trends, product reviews, and more, Wahl Network is a valuable read for IT pros. Chris is also co-host of the Datanauts podcast, on the Packet Pushers network. VertitechIT is a huge fan of Datanaut’s “breaking the IT silos” approach.

Three posts we like from Wahl Network:


Mainstream Tech Publications

15. BizTech Magazine


BizTech MagazineBizTech Magazine focuses on technology topics and challenges faced by businesses, providing newsworthy articles encompassing everything from data centers to networking, hardware and software, management, security, cloud and business intelligence, and more.

Three posts we like from BizTech Magazine: 

16. Computer Weekly


Computer WeeklyComputer Weekly is the U.K.’s leading IT publication and was the world’s first weekly IT newspaper in 1996 (hence the name Computer Weekly, despite daily content updates). Today, it’s a multi-platform digital publication reaching millions of IT decision-makers in the U.K., Europe, and the world at large.

Three posts we like from Computer Weekly: 

17. Computerworld


ComputerworldComputerworld boasts a collection of blogs from some of the most knowledgeable and forward-thinking industry leaders. From software and security to operating systems, storage, servers and data centers, and technology companies, Computerworld’s blogs encompass a broad range of topics of interest to today’s IT professional.

Three posts we like from Computerworld: 

18. Data Center Knowledge


Data Center KnowledgeData Center Knowledge is a leading news and information source for the data center industry. The blog features a variety of contributors and covers several topic areas including networks and storage, server architecture, colocation, managed services, the cloud, and more.

Three posts we like from Data Center Knowledge: 

19. Diginomica

DiginomicaDesigned to serve the needs of enterprise leaders in the digital era, Diginomica has a team of core writers and analysts who share insights, opinions, and expertise on enterprise cloud computing, based on decades of experience.

Three posts we like from Diginomica: 

20. Gigaom


Gigaom“The leading global voice on emerging technologies,” Gigaom is somewhat more of a general tech news publication than a blog focused exclusively on topics of interest to IT professionals. That said, it’s a widely respected, credible publication with regular coverage of IT-relevant news. Additionally, Gigaom is making quite the mark in emerging technology research, so you can also purchase valuable analysis and reports, with key findings often summarized for free.

Three posts we like from Gigaom:

21. Information Security Buzz


Information Security BuzzFrom IT news and security threat trends to tutorials, expert panels, and more, Information Security Buzz blends the best of news, information, and education to create a comprehensive resource for today’s IT professionals.

Three posts we like from Information Security Buzz:

22. InformationWeek


InformationWeekInformationWeek is a comprehensive source of news and information for any professional in the computing and IT fields, as well as those with a general interest in technology. From DevOps to security, infrastructure, cloud, and more, InformationWeek covers all the pertinent subject matter for today’s IT pros.

Three posts we like from InformationWeek:

23. Infosecurity Magazine


Infosecurity MagazineInfosecurity Magazine has been providing knowledge and valuable insights to the information security community for more than a decade. The latest trends and topics, in-depth analysis, and opinion columns from leading industry thought leaders are just a few of the things you’ll find at Infosecurity Magazine.

Three posts we like from Infosecurity Magazine:

24. InfoWorld


InfoWorldInfoWorld covers app development, security, open source, data centers, cloud, security, and more, making this blog a robust resource for IT professionals spanning every specialty.

Three posts we like from InfoWorld:

25. IT Business Edge


IT Business EdgeIT Business Edge covers the intersection between business and information technology, putting “business technology in context.” From the latest trends in IT management to research, security, career insights and information for IT professionals, and more, IT Business Edge is a must-read for every modern IT worker.

Three posts we like from IT Business Edge:

26. IT Toolbox


IT ToolboxFeaturing content, insights, and opinions from a variety of thought leaders and industry professionals, IT Toolbox is a community of IT professionals who share their knowledge and on-the-job learnings for the benefit of the IT industry.

Three posts we like from IT Toolbox:

27. ITworld


ITworldFor technology decision makers, business leaders, and IT influencers, ITworld is a leading publication widely read throughout the industry. Encompassing topics such as Big Data, BYOD, cloud computing, IT management, enterprise software, data centers, and more, IT pros working for companies of all sizes will find valuable information at ITworld.

Three posts we like from ITworld:

28. Network World


Network WorldNetwork World is “the premier provider of news, intelligence and insight for network and IT executives.” Network World focuses on delivering news, opinion, and analysis to decision makers who oversee, build, and deploy business solutions, covering a range of topics including mobile and wireless, infrastructure, applications, data centers, and more.

Three posts we like from Network World:

29. Next in Tech


Next in TechPricewaterhouse Cooper’s Next in Tech is “where business and experience meet emerging technology.” From the latest technologies entering the scene to news and analysis on technology trends, opinions from industry thought leaders, and more, Next in Tech is a blog to read for IT professionals who want to stay on the cutting edge of emerging technology.

Three posts we like from Next in Tech:

30. O’Reilly


O’ReillyO’Reilly aims to spread the knowledge of innovators, offering up a host of books, research, analysis, video, webcasts, events, and trainings. Covering everything from data and business to software architecture and engineering, O’Reilly is a wealth of information for today’s IT pros.

Three posts we like from O’Reilly:

31. ReadWrite


ReadWriteReadWrite is a news and analysis portal covering the latest technology trends, following the conversation on the Internet of Things, and offering news analysis of all things technology.

Three posts we like from ReadWrite:

32. Recode – Enterprise


Recode – EnterpriseRecode is “reimagining tech news, reviews, and events.” Recode’s Enterprise section is the place to go for all the latest news, trends, and tech happenings impacting enterprises around the globe.

Three posts we like from Recode – Enterprise:

33. SC Magazine


SC MagazineProviding in-depth, unbiased business and technical information to IT professionals, SC Magazine is a robust resource for the technology world. From product reviews to coverage of cybersecurity incidents, in-depth analysis, thought leadership, white papers, and more, SC Magazine is a must-read for the IT community.

Three posts we like from SC Magazine:

34. Tech News World


Tech News WorldTech News World is a part of the ECT News Network, one of the biggest technology and e-business publishers in the U.S. Tech News World’s IT section covers all the relevant news and insights for the modern IT community.

Three posts we like from Tech News World:

35. TechCrunch Enterprise


TechCrunch EnterpriseTechCrunch is well-known for its breaking tech news and analysis, as well as intriguing opinion pieces from industry leaders. TechCrunch Enterprise is geared towards the enterprise community, covering the way the cloud, big data, and emerging tech devices are changing the way we work.

Three posts we like from TechCrunch Enterprise:

36. The Information


The InformationThe Information began in 2013 aiming to provide in-depth reporting about the technology industry that readers can’t find anywhere else. The Information reports on acquisitions, insider news from corporations like Apple and Google, venture capital happenings, and more.

Three posts we like from The Information:

37. Tom’s IT Pro


Tom’s IT ProTom’s IT Pro is a resource portal for IT decision makers, covering Windows, Big Data, storage, data centers, information security, and more. IT professionals will also find career insights, information about certifications, and other valuable resources for career advancement.

Three posts we like from Tom’s IT Pro:

38. ZDNet


Tom’s IT ProZDNet is “where technology meets business,” offering 24/7 news coverage and analysis of trends, technologies, and opportunities relevant to today’s IT community and IT decision-makers. From legal to security, the CXO role, hardware, innovation, and more, ZDNet covers everything of interest to every specialization within the IT field.

Three posts we like from ZDNet:

Blogs for CIOs and CTOs

39. CIO


CIOAn obvious must-read for any tech professional, CIO provides the latest news and analysis, research, tips, and more. Covering careers and staffing, healthcare, consumer technology, infrastructure, mobile, and much more, CIO proves relevant for technology workers spanning virtually every industry.

Three posts we like from CIO: 

40. CIO Journal

CIO JournalOffering news, analysis, and data for technology executives, the Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal is powered by Wall Street Journal editors and covers topics spanning cloud, leadership, security, industry movers and shakers, and more.

Three posts we like from CIO Journal: 

41. CIO Review

CIO ReviewA technology magazine that focuses on discussing the enterprise solutions that are redefining the business goals of enterprises in the future, CIO Review offers perspectives from a variety of enterprise leaders on topics spanning business intelligence, business process management, enterprise architecture, legal topics, risk management, and everything else of interest to the modern CIO.

Three posts we like from CIO Review: 

42. CIO Today

CIO TodaySince 2002, CIO Today has been offering daily briefings for today’s top technology leaders, providing decision-makers with the inside track on strategies for purchasing enterprise hardware and software systems. CIO Today aims to provide straightforward answers to the most pressing questions on the minds of today’s C-suite technology leaders.

Three posts we like from CIO Today: 

43. CIOInsight

CIOInsightCIOInsight is “the voice of the CIO community,” empowering CIOs with valuable insights on the evolving technology landscape. Top IT leaders and industry experts offer perspectives and analysis to help CIOs identify and solve key business challenges, think more strategically, and improve their business leadership skills.

Three posts we like from CIOInsight: 

44. CTO Vision


CTO VisionCTOvision is a blog dedicated to the interests of CTOs, CIOs, and CISOs. Developed by Bob Gourley, CTOvision focuses on technology, particularly technology topics of interest to enterprise technologists.

Three posts we like from CTOvision: 

45. Forrester Blog for CIOs


Forrester Blog for CIOsForrester’s Blog for CIOs features insights from a leading panel of analysts. The Blog for CIOs is packed with actionable content geared specifically to the evolving needs of today’s CIOs as well as roles such as Senior Vice President of IT, VP of IT Planning and Strategy, and other IT professionals. The Counterintuitive CEO, offering insights from Forrester’s Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, George Colony, is also worth a read for any C-suite exec.

Three posts we like from Forrester Blog for CIOs:

46. Forrester – Maximize the Value of Tech


Forrester - Maximize the Value of TechForrester’s Maximize the Value of Tech blog features insights from a panel of analysts and executives, covering every aspect of the all-important question weighing on any C-suite executive’s mind: how to maximize the value of your technology investments. Additionally, technology leaders will be interested in the insights offered at Forrester’s Privacy, Security, and Risk blog.

Three posts we like from Forrester – Maximize the Value of Tech:

47. Future of CIO


Future of CIOFuture of CIO is a blog focusing on the evolving role of the CIO, emphasizing the increasing demand for CIOs to be both business strategists and technology visionaries. Future of CIO features thousands of posts covering every conceivable aspect of the many demands on the modern CIO, from managing innovation to digital transformation, leadership, and everything in between.

Three posts we like from Future of CIO:

48. Gartner Technology Blogs

Gartner Technology BlogsThe world’s leading research and advisory company, Gartner provides business leaders across all major functions with the objective insights they need to make smart business decisions. The Gartner Technology Blogs are a wealth of information for the modern CIO or CTO. From trends and predictions to cloud computing, the Internet of Things, data and analytics, CIO leadership, and more, Gartner is a go-to resource for today’s technology leaders.

Three posts we like from Gartner Technology Blogs: 

49. IT Professional

IT ProfessionalA bi-monthly publication from the IEEE Computer Society, IT Professional is a resource for the developers and managers of enterprise information systems. IT Professional covers everything from emerging technologies to internet security, data management, enterprise architecture and infrastructure, and more.

Three posts we like from IT Professional: 

50. Total CIO

Total CIOA blog companion to TechTarget’s SearchCIO, Total CIO features short articles that add depth to the coverage on SearchCIO on strategic issues of importance to CIOs, CTOs, and other technology leaders in the modern age.

Three posts we like from Total CIO: 

51. The View from Forrester Research

The View from Forrester ResearchThe View from Forrester Research is a publication at ZDNet, providing best practices and analysis of today’s most pressing issues and trends impacting professionals in Information and Knowledge Management and Infrastructure and Operations.

Three posts we like from The View from Forrester Research: 

Blogs by IT Organizations

52. Cisco Blogs


Cisco BlogsCisco is the worldwide leader in networking for the internet, offering an array of industry-focused solutions from healthcare to government, financial services, retail and hospitality, manufacturing, energy, and education. The Cisco Blogs are a collection of insights, tips, and resources spanning these industries and a variety of technologies from data centers to enterprise networking and everything in between.

Three posts we like from Cisco Blogs: 

53. DivvyCloud

DivvyCloudDivvyCloud “delivers policy-driven automation of security, compliance and cost governance for infrastructure” running on major cloud services like AWS and Azure. The DivvyCloud blog features information related to automation, application transformation, governance, healthcare, IT, and other topics that impact today’s information technology professionals.

Three posts we like from DivvyCloud: 

54. HMG Strategy


HMG StrategyHMG Strategy is “committed to helping technology executives to be transformational leaders,” offering insights on leadership, management, and technology to CIOs and other senior IT executives. Topics include transformation and leadership, innovation, cloud and cybersecurity, and everything in between.

Three posts we like from HMG Strategy:

55. Perficient – Digital Transformation


Perficient – Digital TransformationPerficient is a digital transformation consulting firm that serves Global 2000 and enterprise customers throughout North America. Perficient’s Digital Transformation blog encompasses cloud, mobile, digital experience, and business optimization, providing a robust resource for IT professionals engaged in digital transformation at their organizations or for their clients. Perficient also has a blog focused on healthcare technology for executives and technology professionals in the healthcare industry.

Three posts we like from Perficient:

56. TIBCO Blog

TIBCO BlogTIBCO is a technology solutions provider that “fuels digital business by enabling better decisions and faster, smarter actions through the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud.” TIBCO’s blog is a wealth of insights for IT professionals, with topics spanning analytics, integration, artificial intelligence, and more.

Three posts we like from TIBCO Blog: 

Communities, Discussion Boards, and RSS Aggregators

57. Feedspot

FeedspotFeedspot is a leading content reader for getting the latest updates from all your favorite publications and bloggers in one place. Users select the topics or sites they want to follow and easily access a stream of the most recent posts and insights from their favorite tech publications, such as Tech, MIT Technology Review, The New York Times Bits, and more, or articles from a variety of publishers related to their interests.

Three topics to follow on Feedspot: 

  • Tech Tools – Google News
  • Computer Security – Google News
  • Leadership

58. Reddit – Cableporn Subreddit

Reddit - Cableporn SubredditThe Cableporn Subreddit on the popular community discussion site Reddit is “a place for sharing links to good-looking cabling (primarily data centers) that could be considered art (or porn) to the network junkies of Reddit.”

Three threads we like from Reddit – Cableporn Subreddit: 

59. Reddit – DataIsBeautiful Subreddit

Reddit - DataIsBeautiful SubredditThe DataIsBeautiful Subreddit “is for visualizations that effectively convey information,” including charts, graphs, maps, and other mind-blowing visualizations of data.

Three threads we like from Reddit – DataIsBeautiful: 

60. Reddit – Networking Subreddit

Reddit - Networking SubredditThe Networking Subreddit focuses on enterprise networking, including discussions surrounding routers, switches, firewalls and other data networking infrastructure topics.

Three threads we like from Reddit – Networking Subreddit: 

61. Reddit – SysAdmin Subreddit

Reddit - SysAdmin SubredditThe SysAdmin Subreddit is a central discussion forum for SysAdmin professionals spanning every industry across the globe. Discussions include industry news, work-related topics, troubleshooting tips, and more.

Three threads we like from Reddit – SysAdmin Subreddit: 

62. Reddit – Technology Subreddit

Reddit - Technology SubredditOn the Technology Subreddit, you’ll find discussions on all things technology, primarily focused on the latest news and happenings in the wide realm of tech. This Subreddit is a good resource to follow when you want to know what’s happening the world of tech as well as how the news is impacting people and professionals.

Three threads we like from Reddit – Technology Subreddit: 

Niche Industry Publications

63. Becker’s Health IT and CIO Review

Becker's Health IT and CIO ReviewA monthly publication offering up-to-date business and legal news, Becker’s Hospital Review is a valuable resource for any health IT professional. Becker’s Health IT and CIO Review is specifically focused on news and insights related to health IT and topics of interest to the healthcare CIO.

Three posts we like from Becker’s Health IT and CIO Review: 

64. Health IT Connect

Health IT ConnectSue Schade has worked in the health information technology management field for more than 30 years. She’s passionate about developing the next generation of IT leaders, and this passion is reflected in her blog, where she shares perspectives on the critical issues facing health care IT, organizational transformations, leadership challenges, and more.

Three posts we like from Health IT Connect: 

65. Health System CIO

Health System CIOThe only publication dedicated solely to meeting the information needs of hospital and health system CIOs, Health System CIO conducts extensive one-on-one interviews, provides insightful commentary and analysis, surveys high-level readers, distributes high-quality white papers, and produces informational webinars, making it a one-stop shop for today’s busy C-suite health system leaders.

Three posts we like from Health System CIO: 

66. HIMSS Health IT Pulse

HIMSS Health IT PulseThe Healthcare Information Management and Systems Society (HIMSS)  “positively transforms health and healthcare through the best use of information and technology in the United States and Canada.” HIMSS Health IT Pulse covers everything from clinical informatics to EHR, patient engagement, policy, and more.

Three posts we like from HIMSS Health IT Pulse: 

67. HIStalk

HIStalkAn anonymous blogger started HIStalk in 2003 in order to share their insights about the health IT industry. The blogger remains anonymous because they work for a non-profit hospital that has vendor relationships with some of the companies covered in the blog. HIStalk offers morning headlines daily, conducts interviews with health industry executives, and covers news, investors, and a variety of other topics of interest to any health IT professional.

Three posts we like from HIStalk: 

68. Journal of AHIMA

Journal of AHIMAThe official publication of the American Health Information Management Association, Journal of AHIMA delivers best practices in health information management and provides current insights on emerging issues impacting the accuracy, privacy, security, and timeliness of patient health information.

Three posts we like from Journal of AHIMA: 

69. Life as a Healthcare CIO

Life as a Healthcare CIOJohn D. Halamka, MD, MS writes at Life as a Healthcare CIO. He is the Chief Information Officer of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Chairman of the New England Healthcare Exchange Network (NEHEN), Co-Chair of the HIT Standards Committee, a Professor at Harvard Medical School, and a practicing Emergency Physician. Since 2007, Halamka has been blogging at Life as a Healthcare CIO to record his experiences with policies, infrastructure, applications, management, governance, and more.

Three posts we like from Life as a Healthcare CIO:

70. The Telecom Blog

The Telecom BlogThe Telecom Blog is the IT professional’s source for telecom news and analysis, provocative opinions, and other topics related to the telecom industry. Written by a number of telecom enthusiasts and guest contributors, The Teleom Blog is managed and edited by Jeff Wiener, President of, a a Telecom company operating from Toronto, Canada. Wiener has been in the telecom industry since 1991.

Three posts we like from The Telecom Blog: 

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